MODULOK (2014)


On the 15th of almost every month I log on to Mattel’s website at 1:00pm to purchase the latest Masters of the Universe Classics figure. I always make sure I’m logged on at that specific moment as the new figures tend to sell out quickly. Depending on the popularity of the character, new figures can sell out in a couple of days, hours, or even minutes. Most of the must-have MOTU characters have been released already which isn’t surprising considering Mattel has been offering a figure a month since 2009. I find I’m able to skip the latest figures with greater frequency these days due to the number of C-listers and background characters being produced. MOTUC-Modulok back

However there are still a few integral characters yet to come. Last month’s release was one of them: Modulok. I never owned the original Modulok toy as a kid because he was released around the time that I was losing interest in the brand but I had some friends who owned him and I thought he was a really cool figure. Every MOTU figure had a unique play feature and Modulok’s was one of the neatest and most ambitious. Modulok was basically two characters who could be broken down into numerous pieces and rebuilt in dozens of variations. His standard look consisted of two heads and six legs but if you want a 1-headed 3-legged Modulok you could do that. His modular design allowed for all kinds of wacky creations. MOTUC-Modulok box

Over the past couple of years the future of the MOTUC toy line began to look bleak. I doubted whether we’d ever see characters like Mantenna, Two-Bad, and Modulok because so much new tooling was required to create them. I’m quite impressed that Mattel and their team of sculptors, the Four Horsemen, managed to get all 3 of those characters out in the past few months and they seem to have spared no expensive. Mantenna blew me out of the water and Modulok is an equally impressive toy even though I don’t have the same affection for the character. MOTUC-Modulok carded

Modulok is considered a premium figure akin to Procrustus or Battle Cat so he cost a bit more than the standard figures to order. I was therefore expecting a large box to show up in the mail as was the case with past premium figures. I was quite surprised at how small the package was when it showed up at my door. Modulok was economically packaged in a thin solid box with no window on the front which will likely disappoint collectors who keep their figures sealed. The figure itself actually looked somewhat unimpressive when I first opened the box. He was packaged as a single figure (1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs) with the rest of his body parts displayed around him. If displayed as a single figure he’s quite thin in comparison to other MOTUC figures. It’s only after you start snapping on extra body parts that Modulok can truly be appreciated.

original Modulok

original Modulok

Once you have him assembled in his standard 2-headed, 6-legged mode he’s much more imposing and blends in with the other figures better. The sculpt on Modulok is really nice with lots of detail. He’s kind of bug-like, or crustacean-like, but he also appears to be part cyborg and part bare muscle tissue. He’s actually kind of gross but in a good way. The design is very reminiscent of the original. The face sculpts are both just as weird and wonderful as I remember.  The green eyed head has the most epic eyebrows I’ve ever seen.

Modulok is totally worth the extra bucks and I highly recommend you track one down for yourself. Maybe even 2 if can afford it. Just imagine the wild creatures you could create if you had a whole bucket full of Modulok pieces. 9 out of 10.MOTUC-Modulok pairMOTUC-Modulok legs


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