DRAGONSKY v.3 (2014)

Joe-Dragonsky v3 fullG. I. JOE : FIGURE SUBSCRITION SERVICE 2.0

I have another figure subscription service (FSS) Joe review for you today. Along with Grand Slam and Big Bear this years final FSS shipment included the Oktober Guard’s flamethrower trooper, Dragonsky. As I mentioned in my Big Bear review the other day, the Oktober Guard are the communist equivalent of the G.I. Joe team who’ve been a part of the Real American Hero mythos since the very beginning in 1982. They first showed up in the comics, then the cartoons, and eventually the toy line. Big Bear was a late-comer to the team, having never appeared in the classic Marvel comics but Dragonsky has been there since day one. (well day two technically; Dragonsky didn’t appear until the Oktober Guard’s 2nd appearance in G.I. Joe yearbook volume 2 in 1986).Joe-Dragonsky v3 mask

I always thought Dragonsky looked like the odd man out on the team. Everyone else was wearing shades of brown and green, accessorized with furry hats and red stars but Dragonsky is running around dressed from head to toe in purple. Why purple? I don’t know. I have no idea if his uniform is inspired by any real-world soviet uniform but I don’t ever recall ever seeing anything like it. A nice dark green might’ve looked better and made him fit it with the rest of the team a bit better but purple is what he wore in the comics so purple is what we get here. Joe-Dragonsky v3 face

Weird as it may be I actually quite like the purple. There’s two different shades of purple which helps to break up the look and showcase the individual parts. If he were a standard Joe or Cobra trooper I wouldn’t have any issue with the color palette, but as a member of the Oktober Guard he does stand out considerably. Dragonsky is now the third flamethrower trooper in the modern Joe line. He was preceded by Joe members Blowtorch and Charbroil. It seems strange to me that there are now 3 guys running around barbecuing people and not one of them is a “bad guy”. I’m pretty sure flamethrowers haven’t been used by the military in quite some time. Dragonsky’s particular gear first came with Charbroil. The flamethrower itself is really nicely sculpted and has a removable translucent flame. The inclusion of the flame really elevates this figure as a display piece. I wish the flame accessory had come with the toys I owned when I was a kid; it looks hella cool. The dual canister backpack and hose that attaches to the flamethrower are pretty cool as well.  He also comes with a machine gun in case he want to kill people in a more traditional way.Joe-Dragonsky carded

This first ever Dragonsky figure was released by the club during the new sculpt years as a convention exclusive in 2005. A second version was released in 2006 in a 3-figure comic pack.  I don’t own either of them so this is my first Dragonsky.

Joe-Dragonsky v3 backThis figure does a better job than either of the previous two of replicating the look from the comics. This figure practically looks like it leapt from the page of the Yearbook. I’m sure this figure is made up of mostly re-used parts but the only one that is immediately recognizable to me is the face. Dragonsky has the same face as Airtight. I would’ve preferred a newly sculpted bald head so he looked more like his comic/version 2 counterpart but truthfully the hooded Airtight head works well and makes sense. Placing a big metal helmet directly on your bald head while running around with a blowtorch probably isn’t a good idea.Joe-Dragonsky v3 side

Plus, I’ll likely never take his helmet off anyway so who really cares what he looks like under there. The helmet looks pretty cool by the way with its large silver visor and breathing tube.

The build on this figure is nice and solid. He’s tall and imposing and his joints are firm. Like the rest of the Guard I don’t have much of a personal attachment to the character but this is a darn good toy. 8 out of 10.Joe-Dragonsky v3 artJoe-Dragonsky v3 comic


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