SP-Marvin fullSOUTH PARK

I’m a big South Park fan.  I haven’t watched the episodes on TV for years because I prefer to buy the seasons on DVD/Bluray and watch them from start to finish.  It’s a practice I started back in the day, before DVRs, to ensure that I would see every episode in order.  Nowadays I would just as soon record them and be done with it but I just can’t stop buying them now because I already own like 18 sets.  The collector side of me would lose sleep at night if I didn’t see this through until the end.  Who would’ve ever imagined the show would run for this long?  The thing is, after I watch a season I file it away on my shelf and there it stays.  Very rarely do I grab a set and watch a random episode.  Most episodes I’ve only ever seen once.  The episode featuring Starvin’ Marvin aired back in 1997.  I believe I only ever saw it the one time.  The first season episodes are especially unappealing to go back and re-watch due to the inferior animation quality.  Truthfully I barely remember this character.  I remember the episode being mildly funny but nothing extraordinary.  I mostly bought this figure a few years back because I thought it was funny looking.  I already owned figures of the 4 main characters and a few minor ones and I thought Marvin would be a nice addition to the display.  Unfortunately his legs were so scrawny that he couldn’t stand up on his own so for years I stowed him away in a box with a bunch of crappy accessories while my other South Park figures were on display for all to enjoy.

I hauled Marvin out a few months ago to take this picture for the blog.  I actually managed to get him to stand up somehow so I decided to display him with the others for the first time.  A certain ex-girlfriend of mine promptly bumped into the shelf, knocked Marvin to the floor, and broke his leg off.  So now I have a crappy broken Starvin’ Marvin figure and he’s back in the bin of accessories where he will likely never see the light of day again.  The limbs on this figure are far too skinny to attempt to crazy glue it back together.  So this was a nice looking figure but not very practical for diasplay or play.  I’m sure a kid would’ve snapped all his limbs off within minutes. I shoulda left him in the bin.  I don’t really have much else to say about the character or the toy.  3 out of 10.SP-Marvin 2SP-marvin still


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