HYDRON (2014)


My March purchases from Matty Collector.com arrived in the mail the other day. The new figure being offered last month was Hydron. Never heard of him? Me neither. This guy first saw the light of day during the New Adventures of He-Man years. In between the original MOTU stuff that I grew up with in the early 1980s and the super cool MOTU revival of the 2000s came the New Adventures. Oh 1990s, you gave us some great music but you failed us in the cartoon and toys department.

The New Adventures of He-Man was a continuation/reboot of the original series. It featured He-Man and Skeletor with new designs and new associates battling it out in outer space. I can’t say with certainty that it sucked because I never watched it but it looked like it sucked. Most of the toy lines and cartoons I loved as a kid morphed into crap in the 90s. Instead of Evil Warriors like Mer-Man and Beastman, Skeletor had a team of Space Mutants like Optikk and Slushhead. And instead of Masters of the Universe like Stratos and Moss Man, He-Man hung out with Galactic Warriors like Icarus and Hydron. The rebooted show and toy line didn’t last very long and I was too old to care by then so I have zero attachment to any of the Space Mutants or Galactic Heroes. MOTUC-Hydron helmet

Even though the He-Man of the 1990s wasn’t my cup of tea I’m glad to see that particular era is covered by the Masters of the Universe Classics line. The Classics line gives us toys of characters from every corner of the MOTU mythology; from the old cartoon, the new cartoon, the mini-comics, unproduced prototypes, concept art, the live action movie, and yes, even the lame New Adventures. I’ve passed on a few of the New Adventures figures such as Karatti and Icarus, but I have purchased a couple that struck me as kinda cool looking such as Optikk and Slushhead.

Hydron would have been a figure I’d have passed on had he been the only figure available in March. I know nothing about him, have no nostalgic connection to him, and I generally don’t care much for the straight-up human characters. However, Mattel also made Fang Man available again in March. Fang Man is a character who appeared in one episode of the old Filmmation cartoon and I wanted his figure the first time it was released last year but it sold out too quickly. Since I was gonna be paying shipping charges on my 2nd chance Fang Man anyway I figured I might as well go ahead and throw Hydron into my “cart” as well. MOTUC-Hydron back

I don’t think there’s been a single figure released in the Classics line that I don’t like. Some are definitely better than others but each brings something to the table. The main thing that deters me from buying certain characters is the price. I would love to have a complete collection someday which is why I pick up characters like Hydron here when the opportunity to save a few bucks presents itself. MOTUC-Hydron face

Now that I have him in hand I actually quite like Hydron, in part, because he’s so ridiculous. The bio on the back of the card describes him as a space sea commander so his design, obviously, teeters somewhere between deep sea diver and astronaut. A deep sea diving astronaut is a dumb idea and that’s what makes it great. These off-the-wall characters and ideas is what makes the Masters of the Universe such a fun line. Having a crab man and a skeleton battle a bee man and a robot with swords and lasers on a world where they ride tigers and spaceships makes no sense whatsoever and thats why it’s f**king awesome. If this Hydron figure had existed when I was a kid I probably would’ve had a ton of fun with him. He could’ve done battle with Mer-Man in the bathtub.MOTUC-Hydron weapon

Like all MOTUC figures, Hydron is big, colorful, and durable. It seems a really crime that these figures aren’t readily available in stores where kids could see them. I can totally see my nephews having a blast with this flipper wearing spaceman. His clear helmet has a cool sleek design and is removable. The red breathing apparatus on his face is unfortunately molded in place though. Hydron came with one accessory; a really stupid looking trident/gun thing. It’s true to the original toy’s weapon but I wish Mattel had given him something cooler this time around.

The more I look at this figure the more I like him. I think he’ll fit in just fine amongst Man-E-Faces and Ram Man on my MOTU Classics shelf. 7 out of 10.MOTUC-Hydron merman

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  1. New Adventures was notable for its Skeletor, who must have had one of the most hilariously blasé, self-aware, deadpan portrayals of a lead villain character in any toy-based cartoon, ever.

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