CLEAN SWEEP v.2 (2014)

Joe-Clean v2 fullG. I. JOE

I’ve still barely scratched the surface when it comes to reviewing my 2012 and 2013 G.I. Joe convention sets. I’ve only reviewed 2 or 3 figures from each. This year I’m trying to promptly post reviews for each figure from the 2014 box set. I’m attempting this just in case anyone out there is considering seeking these figures out on the secondary market and would like to hear my 2 cents. However, I’ll interject a couple of other toy reviews in between my box set posts so nobody get Eco-Warrior fatigue.

So far I’ve reviewed most of the Cobra half of the box set including the Toxo-Vipers, Toxo-Zombies, and Lab-Rats and in my last post I reviewed my first Joe from the set, Flint. The Joes included in this year’s set were kind of an odd group. There was Flint and his fellow Eco-Warriors (Ozone and Clean Sweep) which made sense considering the toxic nature of this year’s theme, but the other 3 Joes (Outback, Steel Brigade Commander, and T’Jbang) seemed a little tacked on. We’ll talk more about those other guys later but for now I’m going to take a look at my second Eco-Joe; Clean Sweep. Joe-Clean v2 back

The original Clean Sweep figure was released in 1991 as a member of the then 3-man sub-team Eco-Warriors. The leader of the group was Flint who was already a well-established character in the comics, cartoons, and toys. Flint’s Eco-underlings, Ozone and Clean Sweep, were both brand new characters. Both of them wore brightly colored protective uniforms. Flint and Ozone’s costumes embraced the sci-fi/fantasy element of G.I. Joe while Clean Sweep wore a very real world hazmat suit. I’m sure some people appreciated the realistic approach but it didn’t work in Clean Sweep’s favor. He was typecast as the environmental hazmat guy and was never released again whereas Ozone was repainted as an astronaut and released 3 more times in the next 3 years becoming one of the most prolific Joes of the 90s.

1991 Clean Sweep

1991 Clean Sweep

The original Clean Sweep wore a bright yellow suit with neon green highlights. He had that standard hazmat hood with the clear face shield/visor which you’ve seen in a dozen movies from E.T. to Outbreak. The visor was painted blue which added a much needed third color to the figure. The hood was removable and underneath was a pretty unextraordinary face. It was well sculpted and provided Clean Sweep with a unique look but the receding hairline, and porn ’stache weren’t about to make the figure anyone’s favorite; unless you like your heroes to look like your high school economics teacher. Like the other Eco-Warriors, Clean Sweep featured color change plastic and water spraying accessories. Joe-Clean v2 face

The Collector’s Club stuck pretty close to the original look when designing this new figure. It always impresses me when they’re able to produce a figure so close to the original using pre-existing part. This figure is made up primarily of Data-Viper parts. The plainness of Data-Viper’s jumpsuit translates into a hazmat suit quite effectively. The combination of reused parts, plus high-sitting hood, really make for a tall action figure. Where the original Clean Sweep came across as frumpy this version looks like he should be out shooting hoops with Big Lob.Joe-Clean v2 case

The real highlights of this figure are the newly sculpted hood and head underneath. The hood looks awesome, true to the original, and kind of scary when placed on this towering body. The head still looks like it belongs to a high school teacher but a gym teacher this time. He’s got a full head of “sweeping” hair, a thick ol’ stache, and a stern gaze. I’m surprised the Club put this much effort into making new heads for Clean Sweep and Ozone, considering most people will display them with their helmets on most of the time, but I very much appreciate the effort. Joe-Clean v2 gun

For accessories Clean Sweep has a display stand, a canister gun, and a yellow briefcase which opens up to reveal a computer and a concealed machine gun. The club has done it again, made me love a figure that I didn’t even know I wanted. Clean Sweep is one of the many highlights from this year’s set. 9 out of 10.Joe-Clean v2 mob

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  1. I’ve been silently reading along. I had the original Clean Sweep, I definitely prefer this version of the highschool teacher!

    I love all the figs you’ve shown off so far. I sit in silent envy!

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