FLINT v.22 (2014)

Joe-Flint v22 full1G.I. JOE

Next up from the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention exclusive box set is Eco-Flint. This is a figure I didn’t expect to care much about. I had quit collecting Joes by the time the Eco-Warriors came out so I have no nostalgic connection to that particular sub-team. The Joe’s Eco-Warriors were led by Flint in a spiffy new hostile environment protective suit and consisted of new characters Clean Sweep and Ozone, along with newly Eco-attired versions of Deep Six and Barbecue. Neither Deep Six nor Barbecue made the cut for the 2014 box set and I’m fine with that. I already have figures of those characters in the iconic outfits so I don’t have any need for Eco-Warrior updates; however I suspect the Club will produce them eventually. I felt this Flint was just as unnecessary.  I already have decent versions of Flint in his classic outfit, his Tiger Force colors, and his Retaliation look. A neon green Flint with a squirt gun was not something I felt my collection was missing.

1991 version pic from yojoe.com

1991 version pic from yojoe.com

Now, while I have no childhood connection to any of the Eco-Warriors, I was actually excited about getting updated versions of Ozone and Clean Sweep. I’m always happy to add new characters to my G.I. Joe ranks. No matter how new & improved a Snake Eyes figure is it’s still just another Snake Eyes figure. I like getting new unique characters or variations of troopers because it feels like I’m actually adding to my collection. If I were to ever actually sit down and play with my G. I. Joes I’d use my iconic versions of each character and any repeats would get left in the box, meaning about 20-some Snake Eyes’ (and this Eco-Flint) would go unused. Even though I don’t actually play with my toys I still have that mentality when purchasing figures; unique characters are almost always better than a newly designed old character. Clean Sweep and Ozone did not disappoint; both are great figures. But Flint here surprised me because he’s maybe the coolest of the bunch. Joe-Flint v22 back

Flint is made up of entirely reused parts. The 30th anniversary Airtight parts found a lot of reuse in this set which makes sense because it was a great figure and his baggy uniform lends itself well to the Eco-Warriors aesthetic. Flint is borrowing Airtight’s legs to go along with a torso and arms borrowed from various Cobra figures. This Flint features the same head as the Retaliation version which was based on the likeness of actor DJ Cotrona who portrayed Flint in the film. Normally I wouldn’t want to see an actor’s likeness on a non movie-based figure. However in the case of movie Flint, the Cotrona head sculpt looked an awful lot like the standard Flint anyway so it works. It’s not like you look at this figure and think DJ Cotrona the same way you would think Marlon Wayans or Dwayne Johnson if you looked at one of the figures based on them.Joe-Flint v22 face

Like the stellar Toxo-Viper from this con set, Flint does have one newly sculpted piece, a new helmet. Though technically this helmet was sculpted for Ozone and repainted for Flint. Flint’s original 1991 Eco-Warriors helmet was much bigger and clunkier looking. I’m sure the reuse of Ozone’s helmet was done as a cost saving measure but it’s one that works out to our benefit. This updated Eco-Flint looks way better than the original whose helmet made him look like some kind of bug. I’ll talk more about this new helmet when I get around to reviewing Ozone but for now i’ll just say it’s a great piece.Joe-Flint v22 full2

Flint includes a display base, a rifle, a canister gun that I assume he uses to administer the cure to Compound Z victims, and a removable beret which he can wear when he’d not wearing his helmet.Joe-Flint v22 hat  I loved this removable beret the first time we saw it on the Retaliation figure and I still love it now.  It fits perfectly and stays in place snugly.

The colors on this Flint are just right. They’re reminiscent of the original figure, which should appease the few people who might actually be fans of the classic Eco-Warriors Flint, but they’re darker and quite believable as protective wear. The green and yellow complement each other nicely and the removable black web gear keeps the whole outfit from being too loud.

When he’s wearing the helmet you can’t tell that this is Flint so you could choose to display him as a unique character or maybe some sort of generic Eco-Trooper akin to the Steel Brigade. Either way this is a great figure. 9 out of 10.Joe-Flint v22 groupJoe-Flint v22 shoot


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  1. The helmet looks a lot like the steel brigade delta helmet I reviewed!

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