DAWG v.1 (2014)

Joe-Dawg fullG. I. JOE

Animal sidekicks have been a big part of G.I. Joe since 1984 when Junkyard the dog was included with Mutt and Freedom the eagle was included with Spirit. Snake Eye’s wolf Timber and Shipwreck’s parrot Polly followed a year later. Since that time we’ve seen multiple dogs, a bobcat, a warthog, a barracuda, a stingray, a vulture, a crocodile, a scorpion, and of course cobras.

This here is the latest addition to the G.I. kennel, Dawg. It’s not a very creative name but my first dog’s name was Girl so I’m not gonna judge. Dawg is actually lucky to have any name at all. Plenty of the animals I listed above were packaged with Cobra figures but unlike the Joes, Cobras never named their pets. I think Dawg may be the first officially named Cobra animal. Joe-Dawg front

In the comic book that came with the 2014 G.I. Joe convention set, Dawg is shown to be a normal pooch in the beginning. Normal might be a stretch because he’s pretty vicious, but at least he’s in one piece. During a brawl Dawg locks onto the Steel Brigade Commander’s arm and Steel Brigade is forced to take him out. Dawg’s owner Repulsor is understandably distraught by this. He retrieves Dawg’s body and flees with it.

The next time we see Dawg he’s been revived with Compound Z and he’s looking much worse for wear. This figure does a good job of portraying the undead dog in all his mutilated glory without being too gory. The sculpt is detailed with lots of battle damage including a bulging eye and exposed ribs. The almost florescent blue compound Z really pops against the solid black and makes for a very eye-catching little toy.

Joe-Dawg left


There’s no articulation on this figure which was to be expected. Joe animals  never had any articulation for 25 years. However Croc Master’s last croc had a hinged jaw and the most recent Timber had a ball joint neck. A little movement would have been nice but it’s not really a big deal. This is a nice figure that definitely adds value to the convention set. I can imagine some people seeking Dawg out on the secondary market and maybe nothing else. 5 out of 10.

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  1. That is horrifying and cool!

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