If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you know I collect Marvel super hero figures in the 3 3/4″ scale (G.I. Joe sized).  The majority of those figures come from the all-encompassing MARVEL UNIVERSE toy line which was recently rebranded to MARVEL: AVENGERS INFINITE.  Some also come from character-specific compatible lines such as SPIDER-MAN and IRON MAN.  I buy the occasional 7″ Marvel Select figure and I have a sizable collection of 5″ Marvel figures produced by Toy Biz in the 90s.  One line I never got into was the 6″ Marvel Legends series.  But after years of ignoring the Legends figures I recently caved and bought a Black Cat figure because she’s one of my all-time favorite characters and she has yet to be released in the 3 3/4″ scale.   That Black Cat opened up a whole new can of worms.Marv-Goblin ML face2

Since buying Black Cat I’ve purchased Legends figures of Spider-Girl, Carnage, Toxin, Boomerang, Beetle, Scarlet Spider, and Superior Spider-Man.  in my defense, none of these characters have been released in the smaller scale.  In a brilliant/devious marketing maneuver Hasbro included an extra body part with each of those figures (excluding Scarlet Spider who was released in a previous wave). If you buy all of the figures from a particular wave then you can snap those extra body parts together to build a bonus figure.  The bonus character broken up amongst this Spider-Man themed wave of Legends figures is Ultimate Green Goblin.Marv-Goblin ML arms

Black Cat came with Goblin’s torso, Superior Spider-Man came with his right leg, Beetle came with his left leg, and Carnage came with his head.  After buying my first 4 Legends figures I had a near complete Green Goblin figure; all he was missing was his arms.  You’d think that by me then buying Boomerang, Toxin, and Spider-Girl I’d have a compete Goblin with parts to spare. Unfortunately, those 3 characters are considered variant chase figures (released in limited amounts) of Black Cat, Beetle, and Carnage which mean they came with duplicate Goblin pieces. So now I have one Goblin missing his arms and another Goblin missing his arms and a leg (there was no chase variant figure for Superior Spider-Man so I never got a double of the right leg).  Now, in order to get the two arms I need to complete this build-a-figure I need to buy the regular Spider-Man and a movie-based Electro.  I already have a ton of Spider-Man figures in various scales so I don’t really want to shell out $25 for another one just so I can get the green arm packaged with him.  And I didn’t like the Jamie Foxx Electro design from the get-go but I might have considered buying that figure prior to seeing the movie.  Now that I have seen the cinematic turd that was Amazing Spider-Man 2 I absolutely refuse to add that figure to my collection.  Shame on you Jamie Foxx, shame on you.  So it seemed my Ultimate Green Goblin was fated to be armless.Marv-Goblin ML back

Meanwhile, My brother Doug who is an avid Marvel Legends collector, was trying to construct a build-a-figure Mandroid, the pieces of which were packaged with a wave of Captain America related Legend figures.  He had all the pieces except for the head.  The head came with a Captain America which Doug didn’t want to buy because he already has 3 or 4 variations of Captain America in his collection.  Like me, Doug had accumulated some extra body parts as a result of buying chase variants.  We worked out an arrangement where I would buy the Captain America figure and give him the Mandroid head in exchange for 2 extra Mandroid arms.  I wouldn’t have bought the Captain America otherwise but it is a nice figure and I didn’t previously have a Cap in the 6″ scale. The swap was made.  Doug completed his Mandroid and I came home and slapped some metal Mandroid arms on my Green Goblin.  I figured it’s better that than nothing and it doesn’t seem so preposterous that the Goblin would add some weaponized armor to his arsenal.Marv-Gblin ML art

The arms are cool.  One has a double barrel gatling gun and the other a giant pincer blade. Unfortunately they’re too short and stubby for Green Goblin.  The Mandroid figure must be shorter because these arms are noticeably out of scale with the rest of the Goblin parts.  It was a disappointing discovery but it still looks better than an armless Goblin.  The actual Goblin pieces are all quite nice.  The torso is big and bulky with a a swivel joint at the chest.  The legs have torn jeans and detailed feet with long creepy toenails.   They have ball-jointed ankles, double-jointed knees, and a swivel joint at the thigh.  The head has lots of sculpted detail like horns, pointy ears, bony ridges and protrusions, gritted teeth and a nasty scowl.  There are multiple paint applications on the head as well. There’s also a translucent fire accessory which rests snugly on his shoulders to replicate the Ultimate Goblins pyrokinesis power. It’s a nice figure and would be even nicer if I had all the proper pieces.Marv-Gblin ML face1

Having said that, I really don’t care for Ultimate Green Goblin.  I would not have bought this figure had it been packaged on it’s own.  The original Green Goblin is one of my all-time favorite villains, has been since I was like 5 years old, but Ultimate Green Goblin is a sad imitation.  In the Ultimate Universe ( a parallel universe to the regular Marvel Universe) Norman Osborn doesn’t wear a goblin costume and fly around on a glider, he mutates into a knock-off Hulk with horns and shoots fireballs from his hands.  I really liked the Ultimate Spider-Man comic for a time but most of the villain redesigns were ill conceived and I think this is one of the worst and least original.  Bleh. 5 out of 10.

How it should look...

How it should look…

Marv-Goblin ML pair


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  1. Nice reminds me of the ultimate spidey (tv series) take

  2. Hey!!!! Nice creation!!! I have a Terrax torso with motuc legs (I´m trying to create a new snakeman custom for the King Hsss army mixing marvel legends baf parts with motuc spares) but I have a doubt, and perhaps you would be able to help me: what kind of baf arms could fit into Terrax Torso? I was thinking about those mandroid arms, but I´m not a marvel legends collector, so I know absolutely nothing about what kind of pieces could fit into each other.
    Great site, master. Hope to hear from you again.

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