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It’s time for another bitter sweet Beast Saga figure review. Sweet because these were great toys with a ton of potential, and bitter because the line was cancelled in its very first year. A part of me still holds out hope for a surprise announcement from Japan about a new wave of figures but that seems unlikely at this point. At least I managed to amass a respectably sized Beast Saga collection during the few short months that the line lasted.

This figure, whom I believe is named Eledram but whom I have named Saga Elephant, was part of the initial wave of figures. This standard version was released as a single carded figure with a clear variant available in a blind box. I didn’t buy very many of the blind boxes because I didn’t want to end up with a bunch of doubles. Getting stuck with double figures from this toy line would be especially troublesome because I don’t know of anyone who would take them off my hands. I did not acquire the clear variant version of Saga Elephant so this standard version is the only one I have. I’m fine with that because this is one of my least favorite figures in the line.BS-Elephant side

The main issue I have with this figure is the proportions. Look at the size of his head and arms and then compare them to his legs. It’s ridiculous. He ends up looking like one of those big headed caricatures people draw for tourists. This stubby leg issue is prevalent throughout the Beast Saga line but I find it most noticeable on Saga Elephant.

Glaringly distracting proportion issues aside, this is a nice figure. There’s lots of nice sculpting and a variety of paint apps. The face has an angry scowl that makes me think this guy has a real attitude problem. Above his eyes appear to be a set of infrared goggles that suggest to me that maybe he’s a night operative.BS-Elephant back

(Though it does seem a little silly to have an Elephant as your stealth trooper.) The trunk is the most impressive part about the head. I like the way it faces outward with an upward curve. It makes him look aggressive, like he’s ready to use his nose as a weapon if need be. The tusks, ears, and the armor that runs along the trunk all look good as well. However, all of these different elements of the head add to the figure’s top-heaviness.

His torso is very heavily armored. This guy looks like a walking tank. His shoulders even appear to have cannons and tank treads worked into their design. It’s almost as if this guy could transform into a tank and roll off (It just occurred to me that an elephant that transforms into a tank is an excellent idea. The trunk could be the turret. Get on that Hasbro).BS-Elephant arms

Saga Elephant has a gray hide with aqua blue armor. There are green, red, orange, black and white paint applications on the figure as well. I don’t have any problem with the color choices and I appreciate the multiple apps  but I must say that I have a fondness for the bizarre color palette of his predecessor, Battle Elephant from the 1980s Battle Beasts line. The purple skin and black armor was very striking. I also miss the weaponized hands of the Battle Beasts. Battle Elephant had a blunt sledge hammer for a hand which he used to bludgeon many enemies back in the day on my bedroom floor. A part of me really wanted the Beast Saga line to serve as an update to the vintage Battle Beasts, the way the modern G.I. Joes are an update of the ones I collected as a kid. So in that regard I kind of wish Eledram had purple skin and a hammer for a hand as well. BS-Elephant compare

While none of the Beast Saga figures were direct translations of Battle Beasts, several of them had nods to the figures of old. I see very little resemblance or connection between the 2 elephant figures but they do have very similar weapons. A lot of these figures have very elaborate axes and multi-bladed weapon but both the elephants have a very simple spire-like sword.BS-Elephant fight

If I were to dump all of my Battle and Saga Beasts out on the bedroom floor today for a play session, my two elephants would find themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield.  I’ve designated Saga Elephant a good guy, serving under Saga Lion, whereas Battle Elephant was a bad guy back in the day; a member of Battle Ram’s army. Luckily, since I’m 36 years old, I don’t see elephant–on-elephant violence being an issue on my bedroom floor any time soon. 6 out of 10.


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  1. I don’t see the shoulders as having tank treads, so much as ammo belts feeding the dual cannons. Unless he’s so top-heavy that he falls on his side too often.

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