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I think it’s time for another Kre-O review. I’ve accumulated a hefty little collection of these Lego wannabes over the past year and a half but I’ve only reviewed a couple of them. The main reason for that is I find them hard to photograph. I’m a pretty sucky photographer at the best of times and these figures, with their flat bodies, tend to reflect the flash so badly that I lose all the detail. I shall try to take decent pictures for this review but I’m not promising anything.

The first wave of Kre-O blind packed Transformers, called “Micro-Changers”, consisted of 6 figures, a couple of popular characters and a few B-listers. I found them for sale for a buck-fifty in a drug store sometime around Christmas 2012. I never had any interest in block figures as an adult collector before but for that price I figured I’d check them out. I bought 2packs, hoping for Galvatron and Sunstorm but I ended up with Scorponok and Waspinator.  I found them to be a cute novelty but I assumed they would be my first and last Kre-O figures.Kreo-Warpath G1

But shortly afterwards Hasbro announced that they were planning a line of G.I. Joe Kre-Os.  I’m much more of a Joe junkie than a Transformers guy so I knew I’d have to get those. And if I was gonna amass a brick army of Joes I figured I might as well pick up a few more Transformers to help populate the shelf.

The second wave of Transformer blind pack Micro-Changers consisted of 12 figures; this time about half of them appealed to me. I was paying full price for them now (about $4.00) so luckily I had since discovered that there were character identifying numbers discreetly perforated on the sides of the packages; meaning the blind packs weren’t quite so blind. Wasting money on doubles is never fun and these numbers were a big help in avoiding that. But, while it was nice to be able to pick and choose the characters I wanted, it did cost me some dignity as I rooted through the box of blind packs placed by the front cash of my local Toys R us, carefully searching for specific numbers.

Kreo-Warpath compareA few more waves of figures have come out over the past year and a half and each time I go through the same embarrassing search. My rummaging has paid off though because I have almost all of the blind pack characters I want and none of the duds. Warpath is one of those figures I sought out in wave 2 (package number 43 if you’re interested).

Warpath is an Autobot who transforms into a little red tank. He’s been around since the very beginning with his first figure being released in 1985. That original toy left a little to be desired but it was still pretty great in its simplicity. Warpath was far from an integral character in the Transformers mythos but every line he spoke in his cartoon appearances was memorable. “BANG! BOOM! POW!”

This Kre-O version of Warpath is okay, not great. I’m sure it’s not easy to turn Transformers into Lego men and have them look accurate to their original toys but with Warpath they really missed the boat. Warpath always has a distinct grilled faceplate, not a smile. The red color, the tank treads on the arms, and the gun turret on his chest, all identify this as Warpath but I really wish they had put the proper face on him.  It wouldn’t have cost them any more money or required any more pieces to be included.  A few streaks of paint to represent his grilled faceplate would have made a world of difference.  It’s a shame.Kreo-warpath chestless

Another thing that bothers me about this figure is that there’s some really nice painted detail on his chest but it gets covered up by the red vest that slides over top of it.  This was an issue on many of the early Micro-Changers but Hasbro seems to be doing a better job of not hiding all the detail on more recent releases.

His tank mode is pretty ridiculous looking but I appreciate the effort that goes into working two build-able modes into one teeny little figure like this.  5 out of 10.Kreo-Warpath tank

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  1. I bought a Kre-O Megatron set, and I must say, I love those little figurines. It came with Megatron, Shockwave, and some human character which looks as if he’s wearing some plain blue security outfit. I also love the building aspect, Megatron looks awesome in both modes.

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