EPIC HAUL- JUNE 19th, 2014

haul June 20I’ve had some pretty epic toy hauls in my day. As a kid, every Christmas was legendary because not only did I get multiple figures but vehicles as well. Almost every big toy my brother Doug and I ever got, be it a G.I. Joe airplane or Castle Grayskull, came on Christmas morning. Birthdays were a close second on the epic scale. As an adult collector I had a huge toy haul when the first wave of G.I. Joe Retaliation figures came out and I bought them all up the day they hit the shelves. I often times let my purchases from BigBadToyStore accumulate at their warehouse for a few months before requesting they send them so I can save on shipping. When those boxes arrive in the mail it can be pretty epic. One key difference between the epic toy hauls of my childhood and the ones of my adulthood is that the adulthood ones cost me a fortune. Toys do not come cheap these days. It’s always a pretty good day when my G.I. Joe Convention set arrives in the mail each spring but those 15 figures cost me a hefty $400. Ouch.

Well, my haul of June 19, 2014 may very well be the most epic toy haul of my entire life.

Hopefully you’re aware that I have a facebook page devoted to this blog. If you enjoy the blog you should click the facebook link on the right side of the screen and “like” the page. Every time I post a review I share a link on that page so you always know when there’s new content. I occasionally post pictures of new purchases on there as well before I have a chance to write a full review for the blog. However, if you’d like to get a hold of me you should do it through the comments section on this blog and not through the facebook page. For whatever reason, I don’t get notifications when someone leaves me a message on facebook. On a couple of occasions I haven’t realized I had a message from someone until weeks after the fact.

I recently noticed that someone named Eric had messaged me via the facebook page. I didn’t see the message until a full month later. The message said that he enjoyed my blog and that he had some toys that he was thinking of getting rid of and he asked if I wanted them. I felt like a heel having not replied to this generous offer earlier but I wrote him back as soon as I saw it. I was sure he would have gotten rid of the toys by now but I thanked him for the offer. He wrote back and said that he still had them and that he could put a box on a train for me which I could pick up at the train station the following day. I thanked him again and said sure. He wrote back the next day to tell me the box was sent and that I could expect to receive some vintage G.I. Joes and a handful of Transformers.

I went to the train station the next day to pick up the package. The train was an hour late so I sat around for a while in anticipation. I wondered what Joes would be in the box and what kind of shape they’d be in. Since I didn’t know Eric at all outside of our 3 or 4 messages I hoped that he wasn’t going to send me a severed foot or something. You never know about people you meet on the internet.

Once the train finally arrived a large white box with my name on it was handed to me. I half expected them to tell me I owed a massive shipping charge or something but nope, just a signature and I was out of there.

The box was big; much bigger than I was expecting. It was big enough to hold my parents microwave, which is saying something because their microwave is OLD.  I could hear what sounded like action figures shuffling around inside as I walked with it. The anticipation was killing me now.Haul-omega

When I got the box home I immediately tore into it. The very first things I saw were a 1986 Metroplex and a 1985 Omega Supreme (You can read my reviews of newer versions of those characters here and here). Then I saw a 1984 Soundwave, complete with all his weapons, and his henchman Buzzsaw in his chest. I was like, “holy s**t”.

I stopped what I was doing and called Doug. I went through the rest of the box with him on the phone. There were a total of 17 vintage Transformers; all of them were dusty but in good shape. The stickers all seemed to be intact and most of the weapons were accounted for as well. There was Razorclaw, Divebomb, Onslaught, Blaster, Powerglide, Seaspray, Warpath, Topspin, Laserbeak, Ramhorn, Cosmos, Nosecone, and 2 other dudes I don’t recognize. This alone would have been an absolutely epic haul.

But there were also 8 vintage ninja turtles figures in a plastic bag; all four original turtles, Casey Jones, Krang, Donatello in a trench coat, and Raphael as an astronaut. I still have the vintage Leonardo and Donatello that I had as a kid but Doug owned Michelangelo and Raphael back then so it’s nice to have a complete foursome of my own now. Another great score.

Once I had all the Transformers and turtles out of the box I was looking at 3 vintage G.I. Joe carrying cases from 1982, and two shoe boxes (ne of which was tied up with ribbons). Each case holds 12 figures and has a compartment for weapons and filecards; Doug had one of these back in the day. It was intended to hold the original 1982 line-up of figures but Eric had them populated with a random array of figures. I went through each one and rhymed off the names of the figures. 3 vintage cases and 36 figures is another epic haul. But the shoeboxes remained.

I opened up the first one and had a flashback to my childhood when I stored all my Joes in a shoe box nearly filled to the top. This box was so full of Joes that they were practically spilling out over the edges when I opened it. I took them out one at a time, naming them to Doug as I went. He has a near complete vintage Joe collection but a couple of times he piped up with “Oh, I need that guy!” There ended up being 156 vintage Joes in total, dating back to the very first wave of figures in 1982 all the way up to the final classic wave in 1994. Highlights were original versions of Baroness, Destro, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Gung-Ho, Duke, Cobra Trooper, Cobra Officer, Flash, Steeler, Rock n Roll, Viper, hooded Cobra Commander, the Crimson Twins, Flint, and Lady Jaye, just to name a few. This collection of Joe figures is bigger than the one I had as a kid. It’s absolutely crazy. Had you given me this box when I was 10 years old I’m certain my face would have melted off. And there was still one more shoebox to go.

87 100% complete figures

87 100% complete figures


The last shoebox was the one all wrapped up in ribbons. If there was a severed foot anywhere this collection it was bound to be in that box. But at this point I didn’t even care. Go ahead, send me a severed foot. I was so toy drunk that Eric was practically a saint in my eyes now and could do no wrong.  As it turns out the last box was just full of Joe accessories (and a few more figures). This box was also near overflowing with Joe goodness. By the time I finishing matching the weapons to the figures, which took 2 nights, I had 87 100% complete vintage Joe figures.

Many of these figures will fill holes in my RAH collection. A few will go to Doug, and a few more will be paid forward to other Joe fans I know. I am very grateful for this random act of kindness. Eric could have easily taken these to a local flea market or comic shop and made a few bucks but he said he wanted them to go to someone who will appreciate them.

So thank you Eric. I’ve never asked anyone to send me their old toys and that was never the point of this blog. This isn’t a business for me in any way, just an excuse to write about the figures I enjoy collecting. This was a very unexpected and very epic haul (and FREE like the good old days). 11 out of 10.

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  1. WOW! You got this whole lot….FREE?! What a kind man to do that. Btw, do you have a Headmasters Skullcruncher pistol in that lot? Am after one…. 🙂

  2. Congrats, mate, great find, and all these good condition figures for that price. Killer!

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