The latest Masters of the Universe Classics figures arrived with my mail yesterday. It takes about a month for the figures I order on the 15th of every month from mattycollector.com to arrive; one of the many joys of being Canadian. This month’s shipment included the “heroic master of extension”, Extendar, as well as the latest MOTU minis 2-pack featuring Stratos and Scareglow. The minis are adorable but I was most excited about receiving Extendar (yes, I know how dirty this all sounds. Let’s please be mature about this).MOTUC-Extendor back

The original Extendar was released late in the vintage MOTU line (1986). Neither Doug nor I owned him because we were all about G.I. Joe and Transformers by that time. Extendar was kind of a robot/knight hybrid with extending limbs. I know it sounds weird but no more so than any of the other oddities from the MOTU toy line.

When the Classics version of Extendar was announced I was pretty excited about ordering him because he was an underused vintage character who didn’t even get an updated figure in 2002 like most other MOTU characters. The Classics version would be my first chance to own an Extendar figure. I don’t have much of a nostalgic connection to the character but he seems like an essential addition to the heroic Masters anyway.

MOTUC-Extendor tallLike all MOTUC figures there’s a small bio on the back of Extendar’s blister card. It says that he was a famous athlete named Doodon who, along with his friend Theydon, was captured by Hordak who conducted a bunch of experiments on them. After being transformed into Extendar Doodon eventually escaped and joined up with He-Man. Theydon was transformed into Dragstor who went on to become a full-fledged member of Hordak’s evil Horde. We haven’t yet got a Classics version of Dragstor but his inclusion in Extendar’s backstory makes me think that he’s coming soon. Dragstor was another late release vintage figure that was ignored in the 200X series that I’d be thrilled to have in the Classics style.

The shared history of Extendar and Dragstor adds an interesting dimension to the characters which I would have loved to explore as a kid. The blister card write-up leaves me curious as to what Extendar looked like before the experiments. Was he a human or a robot? If he was an athlete why the hell did Hordak dress him up like a knight? So many questions.

1986 original

1986 original


This figure does a great job of recreating the look of the original. All of the stand-out features are accounted for from the pearly white armor and  the extension limbs to the insane six-pack. How many sit-ups do you have to do to get abs like that?

Paint apps are minimal but the figure looks good and remains true to the original design. Extendar has a very sharp-looking pearl white base color with gold and silver highlights and a red belt. He has a large shield on the front of his breast plate that obscures his face and gives him a medieval appearance. The face shield is made of soft rubber and can be manipulated easily but I do kind of wish it was completely removable. To get rid of it you’d have to take off all of his full chest armor. But don’t fret about not being able to see his face, that’s what his extension powers are for.

MOTUC-Extendor faceThe vintage figure had extending legs, arms, torso and neck that were extended by simply pulling them, very similar to Mekaneck’s action feature. But the Classics figures don’t have built-in action features like their vintage counterparts. Instead the 4 Horsemen (the design team) have found clever ways to replicate the various play features using swappable parts as we saw with Mecaneck and Rattlor’s necks and Mantenna’s eyeballs. Extendar came packaged with 5 silver rectangular bars with sculpted circuitry patterns. You can pop off his head, hands, and boots then add the silver bars to “extend” him. The final bar can be added at his waist. You can display him with as many or as few of the extensions as you want. At his most extended he’s quite tall. I didn’t think the effect would make such a big difference when I first saw how small the bars were but when they’re all in use Extendar becomes significantly taller.

Besides the extend-bars Extendar also came with a jousting lance and a triangular red shield. Even the red shield can be folded outwards to extend in size. It’s based on the vintage figure’s shield and it’s pretty neat but I forgot to take pictures of it. Oops.MOTUC-Extendor horse

I really dig this guy’s face sculpt. He’s kind of spooky looking. It’s not the type of face you expect to find on a heroic figure. Its painted metallic gold, has a stern angular expression and solid black eyes. He’s like the love child of Destro and C-3PO.

This is a cool figure that looks great as a display piece but would also be super fun for a kid to play with. Every time I get a new MOTUC figure I think of what a shame it is that most kids don’t even know these great toys exist. 8 out of 10.MOTUC-Extendor compare


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  1. it’s like Black knight got tecnicolor

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