I was out with my buddy Guy on the weekend to go see the Dykes Vs Divas softball game which was the big kick-off event for Pride Week here in Halifax. The game was entertaining to watch but fairly one-sided. The Dykes absolutely destroyed the Divas. Though in the Diva’s defense I’m sure it isn’t easy to play baseball in a sequin gown and heels. Afterwards, we swung by the post-game barbecue being held on Gottigen Street in the north end of the city. The wait looked to be pretty long for a free hotdog so we opted to head downtown and hit up a patio elsewhere for drinks and snacks. The trek to Gottigen wasn’t a total bust though because almost directly across the street from the club hosting the bbq is Monster’s Comic Lounge. MCL is a great comic store with more toys and back-issues than anywhere else in the city but I don’t get up there too often as it’s slightly off my usual route.

Guy and I popped over for a quick look around before getting our drink on.Marv-Red shehulk flex

The first thing to catch my eye in their new release section were the Ant-Man and Cyclops figures from the latest wave of Marvel Universe (now called Marvel Infinite). Both were nice but I’ve already pre-ordered that entire wave (which also includes Valkyrie, Omega Red and Deathlok) from Hopefully this means I’ll be getting an email from BBTS very shortly to let me know that my order is in stock.

So while that particular wave of Marvel Infinite figures were of little use to me it did lead me to wonder if perhaps they had the previous wave in stock as well. The previous wave contained Death’s Head, a figure I’m dying to get. However, I did not pre-order him online because BBTS often only offers pre-orders on entire waves of figures and most of the other figures in the Death’s Head wave were figures I didn’t want or need. This meant I’d have to take my chances finding him on the pegs at my local comic shop or department store which isn’t always an easy task.Marv-Red Shehulk back

I made my way over to their stock of older Marvel figures and they did in fact have the Death’s Head wave of Marvel Infinite. They had every figure from the wave EXCEPT for Death’s Head. I was extremely disappointed. The shop owner Mike was nice enough to root through his back stock but to no avail. He told me that he only recalled getting two of them and that the same dude bought them both, bastard!

Anyway, the one other figure from the Death’s Head wave that interested me was Red She-Hulk and she was there. She was priced at $17.99, a full $3.00 more than the other figures, and a good $7.00 more than she’s worth but I didn’t want to leave her behind. It’s possible that I may eventually find her at Wal-Mart for around $10 but it’s just as likely that I won’t and then I’ll end up paying $30 for her on ebay. I begrudgingly shelled out the money and stuffed Red She-Hulk in my shirt pocket.

Now it’s possible you might not have known there was a She-Hulk, let alone a red one, but indeed there are both. The first She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters, has been around since 1980. She’s Bruce Banner’s lawyer cousin who inherited his Hulk powers via a blood transfusion. She-Hulk has starred in her own on-going comic book several times and has served as a member of both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. She’s a great character in her own right; much more than a Hulk with boobs.

I’ve been collecting comics for nearly 30 years and in that time I’ve collected books starring almost every Marvel character out there, at least for a brief period of time. My brother Doug and I have each collected She-Hulk comics at one time.  But neither of us have ever once collected the Hulk;

that is until the introduction of Red Hulk in 2008.Marv-Red shehulk art

I’d never been interested in Hulk. He always seemed like a one-dimensional character (sorry Paul). And it wasn’t so much that Red Hulk struck me as multi-faceted that got me buying Hulk books for the first time ever, it was more the artwork of Ed McGuinness. Ed is at his best when drawing big musclebound brutes so Hulk was the perfect fit for him. But after buying the first few Red Hulk stories for the art I developed an attachment to the character and continued to read his book after McGuinness moved on. The Red Hulk figure based on McGuinness’s artwork was actually the first 3 ¾” Marvel Universe figure I bought.

It was during the early Red Hulk stories that Red She-Hulk was introduced. As it was with Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk’ true identity was a big mystery at first. It was later revealed that Red Hulk was General “Thunderbolt” Ross and Red She-Hulk was his daughter and Bruce Banner’s love-interest, Betty Ross. Since I never read Hulk books before I had no attachment to Betty Ross as a character and I’m fine with this development. But I’m sure there are some long-time Hulk readers that are appalled by what’s become of Betty and the General. I understand their frustration; I certainly wouldn’t want to see Mary Jane become the next Venom.Marv-Red shehulk compare

I didn’t find Red She-Hulk as interesting to read about as Red Hulk so I stopped collecting the Red Hulk book when the focus shifted to her. She is a cool looking character though and the look translates well into action figure form.

Marvel Universe figures can be hit or miss in terms of quality and Red She-Hulk is a hit. She’s a solid figure with a nice sculpt and ample articulation. She’s a straight repaint of the Green She-Hulk figure released in 2012. The change in colors make a big difference though.  With absolutely no newly sculpted pieces (well there is a belt now) they’ve managed to completely change the look of the uniform.  She’s gone from a purple bathing suit to a sleeveless black catsuit with the zipper undone halfway down her chest and it’s all done with paint.  Despite the reused parts I have zero complaints…

Except, for the price they charge for these Marvel Universe figures these days I feel accessories should be included when they make sense for the character. Red She-Hulk is known to wield a large sword that I think should’ve been included here; the 6” Marvel Legends version of Red She-Hulk came with a sword. 8 out of 10.Marv-Red Shehulk group


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  1. I wish I could find this I only just got indestructable hulk

  2. Just spotted this review now. Great figure. I hope it stands on it’s own better than my 6″ Red She Hulk. I was really hoping for a good book when RSH got her own series last year. But I admit it wasn’t that good. The best part of it was her friendship with Machine Man. Oh and Hulk kicks ass. One-dimensional. Pfffft.

    • I can’t vouch for her standing capabilities since my MU figures are snugly displayed in a case on the wall. But at least it’s relatively cheap to buy blank stands for 3 3/4″ figures. It is a very nice figure though.
      Hulk has grown on me some over the years.

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