SAGA GIRAFFE (LONG TSURAFU) clear variant (2012)

BS-Giraffe clear fullBEAST SAGA

Let’s take a look at another Beast Saga figure. This very short lived toy line was produced by Takara in 2012. A few waves of figures, a manga comic, and an anime all came out in Japan but nothing made it across the sea to North America. Luckily, in this modern age of the internet I was able to get my hands on all of the Japanese figures relatively easily.

Each figure was available in a standard version as well as a clear variant version which came in blind boxes. I have all of the standard versions plus a handful of the clear variants. The figure I’m reviewing today is the clear version of Long Tsurafu or Saga Giraffe as I like to call him.

The standard Saga Giraffe was a very nicely sculpted figure with lots of detail. However one of the nicest aspects of that figure was its paintjob. The spotted coat on the face looked fantastic.BS-Giraffe clear side

This clear version retains all of the sculpted detail but loses all those nice paint apps. The flesh pieces (head and arms) are molded in translucent yellow plastic while the armor pieces are molded in a dark translucent blue. The 2 colors look quite nice together but the overall 2-toned look is somewhat bland.

Some of the Beast Saga figures were homages to figures from Takara’s Battle Beast toy line of the 80s. In the case of Saga Giraffe, the standard version bore a slight resemblance to the old Battle Beast, Rubberneck Giraffe, but I actually think this clear version more closely resembles the original. I suppose it’s because of the deep primary blues and yellows used; and also because Rubberneck Giraffe lacked painted spots as well.BS-Giraffe clear glow

This is a neat little toy and I’m glad Takara came up with a way for fans like me to collect additional Beast Saga figures beyond the 39 standard beasts but this piece is by no means essential to your collection. I would recommend you purchase the standard giraffe figure over this one any day unless you’re a diehard fan like myself.BS-Giraffe clear fight

For accessories, clear Tsurafu came with a sword, a shield, a trading card, and a few die for his chest launcher as all Beast Saga figures do. Nothing to write home about. 6 out of 10.BS-Giraffe clear compare

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