FLINT (micro force) (2013)

Joe-Flint micro fullG. I. JOE : MICRO FORCE

2013 was a weird year for G.I. Joe.  There was a successful live-action movie playing in the theaters but there were hardly any movie-based toys to be found.  That would probably be considered poor planning in the case of any action movie geared towards young boys but its  an even bigger fail in this case since we’re talking about a movie thats based on a toy line. I think the biggest problem was the fact that the film’s release date got pushed back 9 months just weeks before it was slated to hit theaters.  Toy aisles were stocked pretty heavily with wave 1 movie product in 2012 which was expected to sell through based on brand awareness created by the film.  But the film got delayed and so kids didn’t want the toys and so the toys sat for months until they were marked down.  My local Toys R Us still has that 2012 product on their shelves.

When the movie finally came out in 2013 and kids might have actually wanted the toys, retailers refused to stock Joe items because of the toy line’s poor performance the year prior.  I never saw wave 2, 3, or 4 product in stores; I had to order all my figures online.  Oddly enough, even though new 3 3/4 ” figures were almost impossible to find in 2013, these strange little 1 inch figures started popping up in stores. Joe-Flint micro packaging

The new mini figures were part of a line called Micro Force.  It featured over 40 figures that were available in carded 5 packs or in single blind bags.  Most of the characters were familiar faces but there were a few new concepts thrown in as well such as a zombie Cobra Commander and Ghost Ninjas (both of which almost made it into the 3 3/4″ line). The figures are made of soft rubber and they don’t have any articulation.  They have holes in their feet and can be removed from the round black display bases they come on.  I’ll admit that I was tempted to buy them when I first saw them.  They’re cute, they’re different, and more importantly they were the only new Joe product available.  However, I’d already been drawn into cute versions of G.I. Joe before by way of Mighty Muggs, Combat Heroes, and the Loyal Subjects vinyls.  I decided I didn’t need to open another can of worms and so I passed on Micro Force.Joe-Flint micro side

But then my brother Doug bought me a 5-pack as a stocking stuffer last year.  He bought me the pack featuring my favorite Joe, Shockwave, as well as Snake-Eyes, a Cobra Trooper, a Red Ninja, and this guy, Flint.

I have previously reviewed 3 different Flint figures so I don’t have a whole lot more to say about the character.  I always liked the way he was portrayed in the comics and cartoons.  I liked the way he was portrayed in the live-action movie, and I even liked the way Doug portrayed him when we were kids (Doug owned the 1985 original figure and the 1988 Tiger Force repaint). He’s a cool character and I’m always happy to add a new version of him to my collection, even one as useless as this.Joe-Flint micro back

This figure doesn’t move but at least he’s posed in a cool position.  The Shockwave from the pack is kneeling which is really annoying because its not a very actionable pose.  Flint looks like he’s cautiously walking into a potentially hot situation.  He’s clutching his rifle with both hands and he’s got his trusty shotgun and a couple grenades at the ready on his back if he needs them.  The sculpt is surprisingly decent with some real attitude emoting from the face and the paint apps are pretty good too ( I really like that they added the red paint to his shotgun shells).  And while the figure technically doesn’t move, the softness of the rubber allows you to bend him into some different positions.

Joe-Flint micro attack





All in all, it’s not a bad little figure for what it is.  I wouldn’t have bought it myself and I have no intention of buying any more Micro Force figures, but as a gift it was a neat little thing to keep me entertained while bumming around my parents house over the holidays. 4 out of 10.


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