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It seems like it’s been a while since I reviewed one of Takara’s Beast Saga figures so today I’m going to tackle the figure I call Saga Dolphin, which I believe is officially called Dorfan.BS-Dolphin card








Saga Dolphin is one of the few wave-one figures that I had yet to review.  I suppose I waited so long to write about him because I find the figure a little boring. There’s not a ton of detail in the sculpt and the paint apps are minimal too.  Plus he’s one of those Beast Saga figures that looks like a real animal’s head has been plopped onto a toy body.  I think some sort of head piece or a pair of goggles might have done him some good.  The head sculpt is simple and doesn’t blend well with the rest of the figure but it is still quite nice and easily identifiable.  The armor’s only real bits of flair are the fins on the arms and the thingamajigs on the shoulders.  The armor is colored a nice aquatic blue but there’s too much of it.  The only highlights to break up the overwhelming blue are two thin yellow stripes on the shoulders and a strange yellow design on his codpiece.  For accessories he comes with a scimitar sword, a shield, a few die that can be launched from the plunger device on his chest, and a playing card; pretty standard stuff for a Beast Saga figure.

BS-Dolphin head

The main reason I decided to review Saga Dolphin today was because of a Deadpool comic I read last week.  I used to love Deadpool but I lost interest right around the time he blew up in popularity and became way too over exposed.  So while I haven’t collected his monthly books in years I will still pick up the occasional Deadpool book if something catches my eye.  Earlier this year I bought a Deadpool annual because it featured one of my favorite obscure Marvel villains, Mad Cap.  Both characters are pretty silly so I expected fluff but the story was actually quite good and it finally explained why Deadpool was hearing that extra voice in his head for a number of years.BS-Dolphin side

Well last week another Deadpool annual came out.  Now, annuals are only supposed to come out once a year so I’m not sure what the thought process was behind this but they’re always doing wonky stuff with comic numbering these days. At least Marvel acknowledged the fact that it was the second Deadpool annual to come out this year by calling it a “bi-annual”.  The reason I picked this second annual up is because it had a guest star(s) even more obscure than Mad Cap; the protectors of the environment: BRUTE FORCE! BS-Dolphin brute force

Brute Force was a 4-issue mini series released by Marvel in 1990.  It featured a team of cybernetically enhanced animals (a bear, an eagle, a kangaroo, a lion, and a dolphin) who decide to use their newfound powers and abilities to save the planet from pollution.  I was 12 years old when the series came out, arguably too old to be buying it, but I bought it anyway.  It’s not like it was specifically geared towards kids anyway.  In my mind it had more in common with WE3 than it did the Get-Along Gang.  I didn’t necessarily love the series but I remember it being alright.  I still have it but it’s been over 20 years since I read it.BS-Dolphin deadpool




For as long as I can remember I’ve loved animal super heroes.  One of my very first creations was the Animal Team Force; a group consisting of any animal I could think of with a red cape around its neck.  That’s party why I love the Battle Beast and Beast Saga toy lines so much, and partly why I bought the Brute Force series.  I’m a sucker for animals fighting eveil-doers.  Though to be honest, my favorite character from Brute Force was actually the evil Octopus who was a member of BF’s rival team, Heavy Metal.

Anyway, I guess the mini series didn’t do well and so the characters were never seen again. But maybe they shouldn’t be counted out just yet.  After all, Rocket Raccoon got his start in a 4-issue mini series in the 80s before falling off the map for 20 years and now he’s in the highest grossing movie of the year.  Perhaps the writers of this Deadpool bi-annual will start the ball rolling on a similar revival for Brute Force.BS-Dolphin back

I know I’m way off track here but while I was reading this issue I realized just how much the dolphin, Surf Streak, bears a striking resemblance to Saga Dolphin.  So much so that you could easily think that this was a figure of Surf Streak.  I would actually love to see Hasbro put out a set of Brute Force figures as part of their Universe or Legends lines, perhaps as a convention set.

This Saga Dolphin figure is good but its not great.  I like that it reminds me of a long-forgotten Marvel character and I appreciate that it’s the first dolphin figure from Takara (there wasn’t one in the vintage Battle Beasts line) but thats still not enough to elevate it to great.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

One more thing.  My Dad bought me a drawing tablet for my computer a couple of years ago and I used it for a little bit, got frustrated and  put it aside.  My buddy Miguel has actually been borrowing it for the past year or two.  I just got it back from him and I have vowed to practice using it.  Unfortunately I had no idea what to draw. Then it dawned on me that maybe I’ll attempt to draw the action figures I’m reviewing every once and a while.  Hopefully that will force me to both draw and write.  So forgive the crappy doodles you may see on here from time to time.  I swear I’m a better artist than this but the tablet is new to me and  I’m basically just goofing around as i try to get the hang of it.BS-Dolphin drawingBS-Dolphin gang


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  1. Did the Brute Force series actually finish? I remember having that first issue too, but I don’t believe I ever saw another issue. I don’t remember enjoying the first issue, but I’m positive I would’ve finished out the series just because they’re cyborg animals fighting and stuff.

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