This here is the Battle Beast, Deer Stalker. As with all Battle Beasts, I didn’t know Deer Stalker had an actual name when I was a kid so I named him Battle Deer.

Deer Stalker was included in the first wave of BB figures.  He came packaged with Pirate Lion.  It makes sense that he would appear early in the line as deer seem, at least to me, like one of the “main” animals. What do I mean by that? I’m not sure exactly. I just think that if I asked someone to rhyme off as many animal species as they can in 2 minutes they would get to “deer” fairly quickly. Of course lions, tigers, and bears immediately spring to mind. Dogs and cats are frontrunners as well. But deer are pretty abundant and common so I think they would make most people’s short list. Perhaps that’s just because of where I live. Halifax is a city but it’s surrounded by lots of trees and it’s not uncommon to see deer along the highways. Vanessa and I spotted a group of 7 or 8 of them last summer and I actually saw one while on my way to work just last month. It was casually strolling through the residential neighborhood I live in which is just outside of the downtown core.BB-Deer card

Outside of trips to the zoo I’ve never gotten very close to one. They strike me as rather majestic beasts. They stand so alert and can sprint off so quickly. I find their movements to be so precise and elegant. Mind you, I don’t necessarily know what I’m talking about. I recall Louis CK talking about moving to a rural home in one of his stand-up specials and commenting about how so much exposure to deer changed his attitude towards them. He used to think they were majestic too but after they tore up his lawn, crapped everywhere, and made gross grunting sounds towards him he saw them as nothing more than forest pests fit for slaughter. Anyway, I’ve gotten a little off topic here, back to the toy review.

I suppose my perception of deer shaped the way I played with this figure when I was a kid. Deer Stalker was a rather rigid and quiet member of Battle Rhino’s team. He did what he had to do and didn’t concern himself with being liked by others. I imagined Stalker as a bit of a science/techie guy. I think it was the combination of his goggles and his drill hand that made him seem like he knew a thing or two about technology.

BB-Deer back

The sculpt on this figure is really nice. His legs are different that those of most other BB figures because they’re almost entirely exposed; most have boots. I imagine the lack of boots freed him up to spring around the battle field very nimbly. His armor is pretty standard but he does have an interesting cylinder on his right shoulder that reminds me of War Machine’s gatling gun, though Deer Stalker’s looks more like a laser, a light, or maybe a camera. Some Battle Beast’s had weaponized hands and as I mentioned earlier Deer Stalker has a pretty serious drill for a right hand.  I imagine it could have been used pretty gruesomely on an enemy but I don’t see Stalker using it as a weapon so much as a tool when he’s working in his lab. The goggles completely cover his eyes which gives him an almost robotic look. The blank expression probably contributed to the stoic personally I assigned him; he’d be kind of like Robo-Cop. Lastly his antlers are pretty unique and neat-looking.BB-Deer face

The color choices are great. The brown and green give him a very appropriate forest color palette. The orange highlights add a nice bit of flair. His weapon is one of my favorites from the original line. It’s basically just a giant serrated blade. As with the drill I imagine this weapon could have lead to some pretty gory battles which is why I usually let my Shark figure use it; it felt more appropriate for a more violent character.

This is a great figure amongst a whole line of great figures. If you’re not collecting Battle Beasts yet you should be. 9 out of 10.

BB-Deer compare


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  1. I believe I had this guy when I was growing up. You don’t forget that visor or drill-hand!

  2. I thought he was a rarity at first – just had that look to him. What beast do you think was the hardest to come by? After reading your review of the mouse (brainiac mouse?) with the yellow armor and silver mouse gun i was tempted to find one for myself – nearly 40$ for him on ebay!! Hogwash!

    • Hey, sorry for the late reply but my computer crapped out on me and i just got it back tonight.

      To be honest I’m not sure if any of the North American released Battle Beasts are particularly hard to find. I’m not sure though as i had most of them from when i was a kid and haven’t needed to look for them. But the other Laser Beasts (like Brain Mouse) that were only released in Japan sell for hundreds each. Try looking some of these guys up on eBay,

      Also, there were solid coloured Beasts released in Greece and Mexico which can be quite pricey but kind of fun to collect. I have the Greek versions of Rocky Rhino and Bighorn Sheep (the 2 leaders in my BB universe).

  3. I read this article when you posted it and remember you said you were a bit saddened to have finished collecting the Beast Saga figures and that you are a fan of animaly type figures in general, so I thought of you when I got an email in my box this evening relating to some indy action figures at 2.5″ being launched on Saturday that might be in your wheelhouse;

    The email I received also had a link to a forum topic on the matter;

    I don’t know much about this, I just wind up on mailing lists somehow, but thought of you when I saw it. (You may well be hip to the groove ahead of me, as I’m often the last to hear about these things)

    The painted ones look pretty cool.

    I’ll stop bothering you now.

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