ZODAC & BEAST MAN minis (2014)


Another pack of Masters of the Universe minis arrived in the mail the other day. This is the fifth of six 2-packs to be released this year. My build-a-playset mini Castle Grayskull is nearly complete now. This pack included the bottom half of the left turret leaving only the upper half absent; it will be included in December’s final 2014 mini-pack. But as neat as the castle component is it’s merely an added bonus. The real stars of the set are the two mini figures, Zodac and Beast Man.MOTU-Beastman mini full

Beast Man is the evil warrior of the set. He will join the ranks of previously released baddies Skeletor, Scareglow, Mer-Man, and Faker. Beast Man is one of the main MOTU villains. He’s been around since the very first wave of figures. I recently wrote all about him in my review of the 2008 “Classics” Beast Man. I’m a big fan of this character and this mini figure does not disappoint. All the key Beast Man elements are accounted for from the furry collar to the face paint.MOTU-Beastman mini compare

He came with 2 accessories, his whip and a flail. What’s odd, however, is that he only has one closed fist able to hold accessories. The other hand is sculpted open which is great for bitch-slapping He-Man but not so good for holding weapons. This is the first mini to have a sculpted open hand so I’m unsure what the thought process was behind it, especially considering he came packaged with 2 weapons. His inability to hold all of his weapons at once aside, this is a great little figure.

MOTU-Zodac fullThe pack’s hero is Zodac who is joining fellow mini Masters: He-Man, Stratos, Moss Man, and Man-at-Arms. Zodac is one of the most mysterious MOTU characters. My brother Doug had the original figure when we were kids and I believe it was his favorite of all the heroic characters. His helmet made him look futuristic, like he’d be a technology guy, but he was portrayed as a kind of know-it-all mystic in the cartoons.  He didn’t appear in media tie ins regularly so it was tough to learn more about him.   Some interesting design features of the original toy were a hairy chest and 3-toed creature feet.  All that strangeness is partly what made him so interesting. Zodac went through a drastic transformation in the 200X MOTU series. The updated version was African American with glowing blue tattoos all over his body. He had normal feet and had discovered waxing.  Plus his helmet was removable so his entire face could be seen for the first time. The 200X figure was the first version of the character I owned and I really liked how black Zodac (who was later established as a separate character named Zodak) was portrayed in the 200X animated series so I’m a little torn as to which version I like more. This mini version is based on the vintage hairy white guy with the weird toes. It’s my first version of the original Zodac because he’s one of the few characters I missed out on from the Classics line.MOTU-Zodac mini back

Zodac also comes with 2 weapons, a laser gun which came with the 1982 original, and a staff thing that came with the 200X version. The staff splits apart so it can fit into his closed fists.  Zodiac’s look really lends itself to the stylized angular design of these mini figures. I think he may be my favourite mini to date.  This is definitely my favourite mini 2-pack to date because both characters are awesome. 9 out of 10.MOTU-Zodac mini castle


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  1. Nice Zodak never really seemed to know who to fight for it was a whole “Heads I win, tales you lose Batman” type situation.

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