Marv-Green Goblin mash fullMARVEL: SUPER HERO MASHERS

It’s time for another Green Goblin action figure review. This is the third one I’ve written in the past 6 months. The first one I reviewed was the Marvel Legends build-a-figure Ultimate Green Goblin, which was nothing to call home about. After I realized that the lackluster Ultimate version was the only Green Goblin figure I had ever reviewed in my 2 1/2 years writing this blog I decided I’d better review a more traditional Goblin figure. I had many to choose from but I opted to share my thoughts on the unarticulated 12” toy produced by Remco in 1978, a toy I’ve owned since I was a wee child. That toy is pretty cool in a retro sort of way and it has a lot of nostalgic value with me but it was never all that fun to play with because it didn’t move. I have yet to review a great Green Goblin figure and I own at least 3 of those that I can think of off the top of my head. But those great figures will have to wait until another day because today I’ll be reviewing another mediocre Goblin figure.

For the past year or so Hasbro has been producing these clunky stylized figures called Mashers. The idea behind them is that they pop apart quite easily and the parts can be swapped amongst the various figures. So far they have Marvel and Transformers Mashers so if you want to create a super hero with Spider-Man’s head, Optimus Prime’s body and Iron Man’s legs you can do that. I suspect we’ll see Mashers from other Hasbro brands like Star Wars  and maybe G.I. Joe in the near future.Marv-Green goblin mash pose

I’ll admit I was tempted to pick up one or two of the Marvel Mashers when they first hit the shelves  a few months back but I resisted the urge. I already collect Marvel characters in the 3 ¾” Universe scale and I buy a number of them in the 6” Legends scale as well so the last thing I need to do is start collecting the same characters in a third format. However, I find the Transformers Mashers even more enticing. Especially the Optimus Prime and Megatron because they’re both great representations of the characters in their original G1 robot modes; something I don’t currently have in my collection. I haven’t picked them up yet but it crosses my mind every time I see them in the toy aisle.

Marv-Green goblin mash backThe Mashers are clearly geared towards children. They’re big, colorful, durable, and they don’t come with a bunch of small accessories. They’re a big hit with my brother Doug’s kids. My nephews Alex and Luke already have a Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Dr. Doom, Deadpool, Hulk, and Iron Patriot. Doug has already picked up a few more to give them as Christmas presents and when I asked him last week what I should buy for them (I’m trying to start early this year) he suggested I pick them up a couple more. It just so happened Mashers were on sale at Wal-mart last week so I went out and picked up Wolverine and Green Goblin for the boys. I got home and told Doug about my haul and he informed me that the Goblin was one of the figures he already had set aside for Christmas. So I went back out the next day and bought Hawkeye.

Now, I know I could have simply exchanged the Goblin for Hawkeye but at less than $10 a pop I wasn’t too concerned about the money. Besides, the Green Goblin was my favorite Spidey villain when I was a kid (he probably still is) so I figured I’d just keep him for myself.Marv-Green goblin mash face

This is a pretty nice version of the Goblin. He’s very classically attired in his original outfit: green scaly leggings, a purple bathing suit from the 1920s, a goblin mask, and a purple sleeping cap. The outfit may be a little silly, and I can see why they avoided it in the live-action movies, but as a toy it works great. The face has big yellow eyes, pointy ears, and an evil sneer just as it should. Not bad at all.

The reason I said before that it’s only a mediocre version of the Goblin is because I have far better versions of the character and this one does have a few faults. Primarily it’s a little too pre-school to be “cool”, plus he has weird sockets all over his body. They’re there so you can attach additional parts when mashing, which I’m sure would be fun for my nephews, but it detracts from the figure as a display piece.Marv-Green Goblin mash mixed

The Goblin came with 3 pumpkin bombs which is pretty cool as they were always his primary weapons in the comics. The pumpkins have little pegs on them so they can be placed in any of the sockets including those on his hands. Another issue I have with this toy is that it doesn’t have a glider. A Green Goblin without a glider is like a Lone Ranger without a horse, it just ain’t right.

Overall, it’s a fun figure but it won’t be something I’ll be displaying in my man cave. 6 out of 10.


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  1. “A goblin without a glider is like a the lone ranger without a horse” truer words have not been spoken.

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