AP-Male Daredevil fullADVENTURE PEOPLE

I’ve been on a roll lately with these reviews.  I’ve posted 9 in the past 5 days. I’d kind of like to take a night off, and it is Wednesday so I have a big stack of new comics to read, but I’d hate to slow the momentum.  So I’ve decided to write a really quick review before I retire to the bedroom with my comics.  I chose a figure that I already had a picture of saved on my computer and that I wouldn’t have much to say about; I chose the Male Daredevil from Fisher Price’s Adventure People line.

This figure was produced in the late 70s/early 80s.  I don’t have it in front of me at the moment so I can’t check the date which is likely stamped on his ass or his inner thigh.  I had a handful of Adventure People when I was a kid but I got rid of all of them except the Male Pilot I named Mark.  I really liked these toys; they made for great civilians when I was playing G.I. Joe.  I really wish I hadn’t gotten rid of them all because some of them go for big bucks on the secondary market now.  Last Christmas my brother Doug replaced  the Adventure People Land Speed Racer toy that I had lost in a public sandpit 30 years earlier.

I didn’t have the Male Daredevil when I was a kid but Doug and I owned similar looking dudes.  I acquired this guy in a small lot of Adventure People I bought on eBay a while back when I was feeling nostalgic. I previously reviewed the Male Outdoorsman from that lot whom I had named Bruce after my dad.  Like Bruce, the Daredevil is pretty plain.  Most of the Adventure People were pretty plain but that’s whats so cool about them; they’re action figures of everyday ordinary people.AP-Male daredevil van

This guy was apparently part of a set called the Daredevil Sports Van.  I found a pic of the set online and it appears to have included van, a motorcycle, 2 dudes, a kayak, a parachute, and a blanket.  It looks like it would have been a fun set to play with in the backyard.  You’ve got land, sea, and air covered.

I like how happy this guy looks.  He obviously loves being a daredevil.  He might not be smiling so much if he wipes out though because other than his helmet and goggles he doesn’t seem to be wearing any other protective gear. This guy’s outfit lacks sculpted detail but it’s extremely colourful so at least he has that going for him.  As a stand alone figure he gets a 5 but the complete set would’ve been an 8 or a 9.  5 out of 10.

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  1. Love Adventure People. I’d like to collect the sets because most of them can be picked up reasonably priced for vintage toys. But space makes me love them from afar. Maybe just the figures. Hmmm.

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