4-LOM (1982)

SW-4lom fullSTAR WARS

Everybody who likes Star Wars loves the Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters. Other than Boba Fett, each of them only had a couple seconds of screen time in a single scene and none of them had any dialogue and yet they managed to steal that scene from Darth Vader anyway. They all just looked so completely badass. Most people’s favorite bounty hunter is Boba Fett for obvious reasons; he looks cool as hell and he’s the only one who actually did anything. My brother Doug owned the vintage Boba Fett action figure when we were kids essentially claiming the character as his own. Ergo, I had to choose another bounty hunter as my favorite. I picked the robot IG-88. He was the only bounty hunter I owned in toy form. We didn’t have Dengar or Zuckuss and Doug owned Bossk and 4-LOM.SW-4lom back



Like pretty much every other kid in the world Doug and I thought 4-LOM’s name was Zuckuss in the 80s because that’s how the package labelled him. Conversely, the vintage Zuckuss action figure’s package was labelled 4-LOM. Since the characters were never referred to by name on screen we took Hasbro’s word for it that those names were correct. It wasn’t until years later that Hasbro rectified their naming mix-up.

It was hard to know what to make of 4-LOM when this figure first came out in 1982. Is he a robot or a bug? Or some sort of robot bug? His body is pretty much the exact same as C-3PO’s and his head looks like that of a giant housefly with large segmented eyes and a weird little proboscis . I always assumed he was half-robotic and half-biological but according to his wiki biography he’s a straight-up droid.SW-4lom guns

Like most background characters from the movies 4-LOM had all kinds of adventures in the expanded universe of the Star Wars comics and novels. I never got into any of that stuff so all the information gathered from wiki is new to me. Apparently he and Zuckuss were best friends who worked together as a bounty hunter team and for a short time 4-LOM even joined the great rebellion.

Mind you, all of that stuff was recently swept from continuity so who really cares. 4-LOM has a clean slate now going into Star Wars’ new Disney-owned era.SW-4lom zuck movie

I recently acquired this figure, along with fellow bounty hunters Zuckuss and Boba Fett, from my new friend Nate who contacted me through this blog to see if I’d be interested in purchasing some of his childhood toys. You can read more about that haul in my Super Powers Robin review.

Nate’s figures were in great shape and most of them had all of their accessories. The 4-LOM he sold me for five bucks was equipped with 2 large rifles. I think the figure only came with one originally so I guess I scored a bonus one.SW-4lom zuck

This vintage 4-LOM looks just how I remember him from Doug’s collection. He’s sculpted in a shiny metallic gray plastic.  This looks like a 4-LOM fresh off the assembly line since he lacks any of the rust colored weathering detail seen in the movie and on the 1997 figure.  There’s lots of sculpted detail in his creepy face and throughout the body. The wiki page provides that 4-LOM’s body was constructed on set from spare C-3PO parts confirming that he is indeed a protocol droid gone bad. However I saw no mention of the origins of his head. I’m curious if it was originally part of a fly costume lying around the studio that they just slapped on top of the C-3PO body or whether it was specifically designed to look this way. Either way I like it.

4-LOM is cool and creepy and this figure holds up remarkably well. 8 out of 10.

1982 and 1997 4-LOMs

1982 and 1997 4-LOMs

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  1. Never had this guy; always wanted him! I just had the guy who his name was switched with.

  2. One of my favorite vintage SW figures. You do realize that if any hard core vintage SW collectors read this blog, they’ll hang you from the rafters for calling him 4-LOM.

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