MUTT (Kre-O)

Joe-Kreo-Mutt fullG. I. JOE: KRE-O

I love these Lego compatible Kre-O G.I. Joes but they also frustrate me to no end.  The Joe Kre-Os are exclusive to Toys R Us which means there’s only 1 location in my city where I can buy them at its not the most convenient place for me to get to; it’s not like I can just pop in there every day. My local Toys R Us got the first wave of playsets and the second wave of blind packed figures. As far as I know that’s all they’ve ever carried. I managed to get half of the wave 1 figures from a comic shop but I haven’t had any opportunity to buy the wave 3, 4, or 5 figures or any of the vehicle or playsets released after the first wave. Re-Os have been on sale on Toys R Us .com a few times but they don’t ship to Canada. We have our own website, Toys R, and they never have anything good.Kreo-Mutt side

Now I could buy these figures on ebay but the figures are blind-packed which means they’re completely sealed in a foil package and you don’t know what figure is inside. Now, keeners like myself are aware of the hidden code perforated into the foil that identifies each figure so when I’m in the store I can examine the packages and select the figures I want, thus avoiding getting doubles. When I buy blind packs online I don’t have that luxury so I have no idea which figure I’ll end up with. Some sellers do sell the specific figures opened but they tend to charge a premium for those. So rather than spending a fortune on secondary market purchases I’m holding out hope that maybe my Toys R Us will eventually stock the latest Kre-O releases.  Until that time I’ll have to remain satisfied with the few figures and sets that I do have.

Mutt, the Joe team’s dog handler, was included in wave 2. Hasbro has done a great job of capturing the essence of the original 1985 Mutt figure and distilling it down into this little brick man. This figure is immediately identifiable as Mutt. Not only are the colors spot on but the torso has all the familiar elements (sheathed knife, pockets, red shoulder pads) and the face has Mutt’s signature mustache and sneer. Even the accessories are recreated quite well. He has his Mac 11 submachine gun (though this one is comically over-sized), his nightstick, and his trusty K-9 sidekick Junkyard.Kreo-Mutt gun

For some reason Hasbro decided to make Junkyard a bulldog this time around. I’m not sure why since he’s always been a Rottweiler (i think) in the past. It’s not a big deal though I would’ve preferred a more vintage-accurate Junkyard.

Kreo-Mutt dogIt’s also interesting that Mutt has a couple of scratches under his eye. Are we to believe these  wounds were inflicted by Junkyard? I can’t imagine Junkyard ever biting the hand that feeds him. Perhaps it’s just regular wear and tear one incurs while battling an evil snake-themed terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

This is a cool little figure. 8 out of 10.


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  1. I lived in the US and never saw anything besides the Wave 1 Kre-O Joe box sets. They’d bring in the different blind bag waves, but not the vehicles. Seems to be that way for all the Kre-O sets.

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