MAJOR BLUDD v.1 (1983)

Joe-Bludd v1 fullG. I. JOE

I got rid of a lot of my toys when I was a young teen but I didn’t get rid of any of my G.I. Joes.  I still have every Joe figure that I owned as a kid…except one.  I don’t know how or when but at some point I lost my 1983 Major Bludd figure.  I took pretty good care of my toys so it boggles my mind how that one figure slipped through my fingers.  Luckily I lost him around the time I stopped playing with toys.  So while it annoyed me that he was missing from my collection at least he didn’t miss out on any of the epic battles that took place on my bedroom floor.Joe-Bludd v1 face

Bludd is an important character in the world of G.I. Joe and he was especially important to me because he was my first “name” Cobra.  I already had the Cobra Trooper figure which represented Cobra’s legions of nameless infantrymen but my brother Doug had both Cobra Commander and Destro, the main bad guy characters.  My Bludd figure allowed me to have a voice in our Cobra commander centre. He was the general of our Cobra forces who always lead the troops into battle while the Commander and Destro often hung back at HQ.  Major Bludd was featured in the cartoon series fairly heavily so between his animated portrayal and his file card he was a pretty well rounded and developed character.   He was a skilled pilot, and Aussie, and a poet.  Plus he was one of very few bad guys to have a full name: Sebastian Bludd.Joe-Bludd v1 back

I hadn’t bought a G.I. Joe figure in a decade when I saw Major Bludd version 4 at Toys R Us in 2000.  They released a bunch of repainted old Joe figures that year.  I probably wouldn’t have bought any of them but I had to pick up the 2-pack featuring Bludd and a Rock Viper because it still bothered me all those years later that I didn’t have this character in my collection.  Version 4 was pretty nice but nothing beats the original.  I always planned to buy another ’83 Bludd if I ever saw one at a good price.

Well that day finally came this month when Nate contacted through this blog and offered to sell me his old toys for five dollars a piece.  I mostly bought Star Wars and DC Super Powers figures but I did pick up 3 all old Joes, all from 1983: Cobra Commander, Breaker, and Major Bludd.Joe-Bludd v1 arm

I’m super stoked to have this figure back in my collection.  It’s just as good as I remember it.  The sculpt is relatively simple but very distinct.  Bludd has multiple defining characteristics.  On his torso he has chest armour and 4 dog tags (taken from fallen enemies perhaps?).  His head sculpt features not only an oddly shaped helmet and a bitch’n moustache but also an eyepatch.  His most defining feature, however, has to be his right arm. It’s sculpted in solid black plastic and it doesn’t have an elbow joint.  It looks like the arm off a Darth Vader figure.  This strange appendage has never been officially explained.  Is it a robotic arm? A prosthesis of some kind? A cast?  Or none of the above?  Why not put an elbow joint on it regardless?  Later versions of the character, such as Version 4, presented the Major with 2 normal arms but the stiff black arm has returned on the modern era figures.

Joe-Bludd v1 compare

Bludd came with a pistol-like missile launcher and a little black backpack with sculpted spare missiles.  Nate’s figure was missing the gun but still had the backpack.  Not a big deal because I think I may still have the gun from my original figure anyway.

This is a great figure from the heyday of action figures. 8 out of 10.


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  1. Best gun holding hand on an action figure ever. Right up there with vintage SW Greedo and Walrus Man.

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