SCUNNER (2014)

PR-Scunner fullPACIFIC RIM

As a monster fan I was super stoked about the movie Pacific Rim coming out, however, I was a little disappointed with the end result. Don’t get me wrong though, I  did enjoy it and I thought the monsters looked great. It was more so the human story and the robot designs that let me down. After seeing the designs for the Jaegers for the first time I knew I wouldn’t be collecting any of them in action figure form, they just didn’t do it for me, but  I was excited about the Kaiju figures, even after being slightly disappointed by the movie. I could not wait to get my hands on a Knifehead figure based on the trailers I had seen in the months leading up to the release of the film.PR-Scunner back

But, like the film itself, that first Pacific Rim figure failed to meet my lofty expectations. It was good, it just wasn’t great. The articulation was very limited, the paint apps were muted, and worst of all he seemed small. He stood about 6” tall which is a pretty standard action figure size but he was supposed to be a massive, city-stomping monster. I don’t need all my monster action figures to be 2 feet tall necessarily (because I’d have nowhere to put them) but I feel they should be at least 12 inches.

Luckily Neca upped their game before the next wave of PR figures hit the shelves. The later Kaiju figures were bigger, bulkier, better articulated, and more colorful. Wave 2’s Leatherback was superior to Knifehead, wave 3’s Trespasser was superior to Leatherback, and wave 4’s Scunner is my favorite Kaiju figure to date.

PR-Scunner head

My favorite monster in the film is still Knifehead and thankfully Neca released a bigger and better deluxe version of him as part of wave 3 alongside Trespasser.  Sadly, I couldn’t justify buying another version of Knifehead so soon after I bought the first one but I’m pretty sure that I’ll scoop it up eventually. Both Trespasser and Scunner were built with the reused body of that wave 3 Knifehead as the base. You could argue that it’s a lazy cost saving measure by Neca to reuse the same body parts for all the creatures but that’s the way they looked in the movie. If you recall, it was discovered that the Kaiju are actually all clones so it makes perfect sense that they would share physical attributes. Besides, Neca has stepped up and sculpted all new bodies when it was warranted for more unique characters such as Leatherback and the upcoming Otachi.PR-Sunner face

Also, the bodies used for Knifehead, Trespasser and Scunner aren’t as similar as they appear at first glance. Neca has swapped out a few parts here and there so that each has their own unique design.  For example, when I pose my Trespasser and Scunner side-by-side I can see that they have different tails (Scunner’s is 3 pronged), different “shells” on their backs, different hands, and perhaps even different forearms.  Scunner also has an additional layer of armour over his chest and shoulders to further differentiate him from his clone.

The best part about this figure, as is always the case with the Pacific Rim figures, is the head sculpt.  The different headshapes are what really make each Kaiju distinctive. Scunner looks like a shark crossed with a bull then put through an alien blender; he’s all kinds of weird looking.   He’s also super cool looking.  I love his hammerhead-like eyes and the big giant horns on the sides of his head.  He’s got 2 rows of little needle teeth and a sculpted tongue that you can see when you open his mouth.  His jaw is hinged but it doesn’t have as much movement as previous PR figures.PR-Scunner movie

Besides the wicked sculpt this figure also has the best paint job we’ve seen yet.  I’ll admit I wasn’t sold on the lines painted on these figures when I got my Knifehead figure.  They looked like an afterthought and the yellow used was really dull.  But on the later figures like Scunner here the designers have really embraced the lines and made them bright and bold.  Scunner features vibrant turquoise swirls and patterns all over his body just like he did in the movie when he battle Gypsy Danger at the bottom of the sea.  It looks fantastic.  These figures would be much less interesting to look at without them.

This is an awesome figure and I’m looking forward to adding more Kaiju to my shelf since these figures continue to get better and better.  Next up is Axehead.  Scunner gets a strong 9 out of 10.

PR-Scunner group

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