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Today marks the 3 year anniversary of this blog. I posted my first review way back on December 18, 2011. I was pretty gung-ho about this new venture at first and I was posting multiple reviews a day regularly. Unfortunately I didn’t own a digital camera at the time so for my first bunch of reviews I just lifted pictures of action figures from the internet. It wasn’t until a full month later (January 17 to be precise) that Vanessa bought me a camera for my birthday. Since then I’ve taken all my own pictures (perhaps to the detriment of the blog because I’m a crappy photographer). One of the pre-camera posts from that first month was a review of Cy-Kill from Tonka’s short-lived Go-Bots toyline. For that review in particular it was probably for the best that I used a stock image of the toy instead of taking pics of my own figure. My original 1983 Cy-Kill is in rough shape. One of his arms is busted off, the handle bar on the shoulder of the remaining arm is broken off, the joints are loose, the accessories are missing, and the chrome has worn off in several places. Despite all that I still think it’s a great looking figure. As I said in the original review there’s just something about Cy-Kill’s design that really appeals to me.  I’m not sure why I only gave him a 6 out of 10. TF-Cykill back

The Go-Bots were basically trounced from existence by Hasbro’s Transformers line and it’s easy to see why. The Transformers had better toys, they had a better cartoon, and they had a top-selling Marvel comic book. But I’ve always retained a soft spot for the Go-Bots. The toys were really basic but they had a charm about them. Their transformations were simple, they were mostly all the same size (the same scale as G.I. Joes and Star Wars figures), they were brightly colored, and they had laughably on-the-nose names. Naming a motorCYCLE “CY-KILL” for example is so dumb that it’s brilliant. I didn’t have many Go-Bots when I was a kid but I really liked each one I had. Regrettably, I got rid of most of them at the same time I got rid of my Transformers but I held onto my 2 favorites, Cop-Tur the helicopter, and Cy-Kill.

TF-Cykill torso

I would love to see the classic Go-Bots toys make a comeback but the chances of that happening seem to be slim to none. Hasbro bought the rights to the Go-Bots franchise years ago but the actual character likenesses still belong to Bandai, whom Tonka leased them from.  So while Hasbro produced Go-Bots/Transformers crossover toys are off the table there have been a few subtle interactions between the two in the Transformers comic books. Cy-Kill was featured in a flashback story that explained how the Decepticon leader, Megatron, was once a gladiator before he was a terrorist.  In the gladiator scene Megatron is shown to slay an unnamed bot who bares a striking resemblance to Cy-Kill.TF-Cykill comic

In the past few years there has been a flood of unlicensed Transformers toys hitting the market produced by third-party companies.  But these aren’t the dollar-store knock offs you might expect.  Third party Transformers are some of the best on the market.  They’re made by people who clearly love the characters.  I’ve got some fantastic third party Transformers such as Stormbomb (Bombshell), Cogz (Gears), and the Shark Attack Squad (Sharkticons) just to name a few.  It never occured to me that one of these companies might attemp a Go-Bot.TF-Cykill toon face

Well DX9 is the first company out of the gate (I’m pretty sure) to do it and I couldn’t be happier.  I have no idea how these companies get away with doing what they do but I’m sure glad they do.  Often times I’m reluctant to pay the high asking prices for these third party figures because there’s always the possibility that Hasbro will release their own version of the character at a much lower cost.  But with Cy-Kill there’s no chance of that so this purchase was a no-brainer.TF-Cykill pose

As soon as I saw this figure available for pre-order on BigBadToyStore I absolutely loved it.  But the price was $100 so that did give me pause.  I waited months and months hoping to see a price reduction but at the end of November I finally pulled the trigger.  I felt I couldn’t wait any longer because I knew this figure would be a contender for my toy of the year so I had to get it in-hand and reviewed before posting my year-end list.  As luck would have it, the figure went on sale for $70 the very next day and BBTS credited me the $30 difference.  Score.

This figure is named Salmoore.  They can’t call him Cy-Kill for legal reasons but I’m not sure why they didn’t go with something a little closer like Cyke-Ill.  I have no idea what Salmoore means.  It doesn’t sound tough and it makes me think of salmon.  So as far as I’m concerned this figure’s name is Cy-Kill.TF-Cykill box

First I want to quickly mention the box this figure came in.  Theres a picture of the toy on the back with a small bio and the whole thing is pretty nice looking but the artwork on the front is wicked.  I love it.  The figure itself is also quite wicked. He stands about 6″ tall and he’s very well articulated.  He bends at the ankles, knees, hips, waist, neck, shoulders, and elbows.  The colors are nice and  bright and very reminiscent of the original figure.  Most importantly the sculpt on this figure is absolutely amazing.

When I compared the new and the old versions I was surprised to see just how different they were.  Salmoore’s feet are quite different, the head sculpt is a mix of the old toy and the cartoon look, and the arms are no longer chrome. The big round chrome hands were one of my favorite aspects of the original toy and it would have been nice if Slmoore at least came with alternate arms that more closely resembled the originals.  That said, I think almost all of the changes are an improvement over the original design.  The mismatched feet look great and the face sculpt is deadly.TF-Cykill compare

For accessories Cy-Kill comes with  two tires.  In his motorcycle alt-mode it’s obvious where they go but in his robot mode they can be attached to his shoulders just like with the original.  This toy also has removable spiked armor that can be placed on the tires.  he looks super cool either way.  Also his exhaust (or whatever they are) can be removed from his bike mode and can be used as guns when he’s in robot mode.

Speaking of his bike mode, it looks pretty sweet from the images I’ve seen but I have no intention of transforming mine.  I read online that the transformation process can be difficult because the arms are wonky or something.  That doesn’t bother me any because my Cy-Kill will always be displayed in robot mode.TF-Cykill bike

This toy is absolutely great and I’m so happy I finally bit the bullet and ordered him.  I really hope DX9 tackles some more Go-Bots in the future.  I would love to get an updated Cop-Tur. The only complaint I have about this figure is that the legs are a little loose.  I wish they were stiffer so his stance was more solid but overall this toy is epic.  10 out of 10.TF-Cykill victory


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  1. mine *just* showed up, got him on the same sale…can not WAIT to open him and get him in my photo boot…

  2. Was the Go-Bots’ line short lived? Wiki has their lifespan at four years, which seems long enough for me. My beloved (in childhood) Visionaries only lasted a year before production was stopped.

    The Go-Bots were awesome because they were affordable. Getting a Transformer was an ordeal (straight As, no cavities, etc.; you had to work for it), while Go-Bots were the perfect “I’ll buy you this if you promise to shut up for the rest of the trip” price. Which is kind of lost on a $100 Cy-Kill, but I guess it wasn’t exactly produced with children in mind.

  3. That’s a kick ass Cy-Kill. I didn’t have many Go Bots but all that I had were loved to death. I’ll have to find a Go Bot collecting site and find out the names of the ones I had and rebuy them. I had Cy-Kill, one that was a submarine, a UFO looking one and some sort or car guy.

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