STORM TROOPER (2014) black series


The 3 ¾” Star Wars figures are my largest collection not currently on display. I have a ton of vintage G.I. Joes not on display too but at least most of those characters are represented in my modern G.I. Joe display. When it comes to Star Wars I have loads of late 90s/early 2000s era figures sitting in a bin in my closet and those characters have no visual representation in my collection. If I wanted to display Storm Troopers all over my desk I could do that because I have a bunch of them but Star Wars just hasn’t been a priority to me for many years.

Even though my Star Wars fervour dwindled with the release of the prequels I still very much enjoy the original trilogy. I’d like to have all of my Star Wars figures displayed but there simply isn’t enough room in my mancave. I could choose to display a few of my favorites but I’m an all or nothing type of guy. If I don’t have room to display all of them, including lame senator figures, then great looking characters like Hammerhead and Lak Sivrak suffer the consequences and remain in storage too.SWB-Storm face

I was intrigued by Hasbro’s 6” Star Wars Black Series figures when I first saw them but I promised myself that I wouldn’t go crazy collecting them. The characters look really nice in the larger scale but the last thing me and my wallet need is to start collecting another toyline with the potential to be massive. I told myself I would be very selective about which figures I collect.

SWB-Storm backThus far I have Greedo, Darth Maul, Boba Fett, and Jabba the Hutt. With such a small collection I’m able to find room to display them all. I’ve been tempted to pick up a Luke or a Han since they’re the main characters but I’ve avoided that slippery slope so far. My older brother Doug isn’t  nearly as choosy as I am when it comes to these and is buying most of the Black Series figures. For Christmas he suggested I get him either Dath Vader or a Storm Trooper. Both are nice looking figures but I had opted to skip them for myself. I bought Doug the Storm Trooper online and told him “that he probably shouldn’t buy one for himself.” I guess I didn’t make myself clear because he bought one the next day when he saw it at Toys R Us. He hadn’t seen one at retail anywhere before and he said he couldn’t take the chance of leaving it behind on the off chance that I hadn’t actually gotten him one. So I ended up buying him something else for Christmas and accepted that the Storm Trooper would be joining my collection once it arrived in the mail.SWB-Storm gang

The Storm Trooper showed up just before the holidays. I tossed him under the tree as a gift to myself and opened him on Christmas morning. I was immediately impressed by this toy. The sculpting and proportions are perfect, there’s decent articulation (could be better), he has a laser rifle and a laser pistol that can be holstered on his hip, and the white armor is as crisp as new fallen snow.  It just looks fantastic.SWB-Storm sit


This figure is superior to my smaller Storm Troopers by a long shot and it’s even better than my 12” doll. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is so great about this figure but it is exceedingly cool. This figure has opened up a can of Storm Trooper worms for me because I now want to collect all of the variations: Biker Scouts, Sand Troopers, Clone Troopers, etc.

I think this is the best looking Storm Trooper figure ever released. Only the articulation limits keep it from being a perfect 10.  9 out of 10.SWB-Storm Trooper rifle


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  1. Be careful. Collecting Storm Troopers can become a hobby all it’s own. I know guys with whole rooms dedicated to just Troopers. I think the smartest collector I know focuses on 8D8. Pretty small collection. Two figures. A few cardback variations and a GG mini bust. If only it were always so easy.

    • A strictly 8D8 collector? That’s hilarious.

      I will be careful. It seems every post I write these days (Simpsons, Walking Dead, SW Black) starts with me saying I didn’t want to collect these but..

      I may need an intervention soon.

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