Kreo-Televiper fullContinued from Part 3

G.I. Joe KRE-O

The most recent version of Tele-Viper is the KRE-O brick figure released in a wave 5 blind pack.

Don’t worry, this is the last Tele-Viper review I’ll subject you to for a while. I have other Tele-Vipers in my collection but I promise to wait at least a year  before I tackle another one. Besides, I’ve pretty much run out of things to say about Cobra’s communications specialists after the last 3 consecutive reviews.

The reason I wanted to review this last figure is because I wanted to go out on a high note. The original Real American Hero Tele-Vipers were alright. The new-sculpt era Tele-Vipers were vastly superior, and the modern sculpt versions hit a new low. But this little buildable figure proves that even the crappiest character can bounce back with the right toy. Clearly the original Tele-Viper design still has legs because this Kreon is totally classic and totally awesome.Kreo-Televiper back

As with the recently reviewed Kre-O  Tripwire Hasbro has managed to take a mediocrely designed vintage character and create an amazing little brick version that’s faithful to the classic while avoiding all the original’s shortcomings.

All Kre-O figures have the same body construction so there’s no room to screw up the proportions or articulation. The big head, gimpy wrists and crooked ankles that plagued its predecessors are nowhere to be found on this figure.

Kreo-Televiper bubble




Hasbro could’ve screwed this guy up by giving him a big doofy helmet but fortunately they gave him some slimmer fitting headgear more akin to the new-sculpt era design. All of the details on this figure are simply painted on the flat body and there aren’t even that many of them but it looks awesome. I’m consistently impressed at how well the painters are able to reproduce the sculpted details of the original figures so perfectly on these little bodies.

For accessories Kre-O Tele-Viper comes with a big backpack which is clearly inspired by the 1985 pack. He also has a hand held device that connects to the pack via a bendy rubber hose. I assume this is supposed to be the scanner that came with the original figure but it could very easily be viewed as a weapon. Whatever it is it’s ridiculously over-sized but that’s the norm for this line and part of its charm. Figures like this make me wish this line could last for years. Sadly I think we may have seen the last of them, at least for a while. 10 out of 10.Kreo-Televiper group


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  1. I think this Kre-O figure has the perfect blend of helmets. The new sculpt’s one microphone doesn’t trigger the Tele-Viper image I have in my head. But it’s slimness is certainly preferable to the original’s fur hoodie headgear. Here the (granted bizarre) dual microphones are present, along with the slimmer design. Kre-O wins again.

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