REPEATER v.5 (2015)


They’re a little behind schedule but the first FSS 3.0 shipment from the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has finally arrived.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about here’ s a quick recap.  There exists a G.I. Joe fan club.  When you sign-up for an annual membership/subscription to the newsletter you get an exclusive G.I. Joe figure.  The Club also hosts an annual convention where they sell a box set of 15 exclusive figures.  These practices have been going on for over a decade. Three years ago the Club made even more exclusive figures available to fans by offering a figure subscription service as an add-on to the regular membership.  For a tidy fee members can opt to have 12 unique figures mailed out to them in pairs over the course of six months.  A bonus 13th figure is included in the final shipment.  I signed up the first 2 years and was quite pleased with the results.  Sure it’s expensive but Hasbro hasn’t been producing many Joe figures themselves lately so if you want new figures this is the way to go.Joe-Repeater v5 carded

When the line-up for FSS 3.0 was revealed last April I was a little bit disappointed but only because 5 of the announced figures were repaints of toys we just got in the previous year’s 15 figure convention set.  The Convention set was “Night Force” themed and featured a bunch of Joes that had never been released in the modern style before.  I would’ve preferred to have gotten the Joes in their classic outfits and not their darker Night Force attire but I was just happy to finally be getting modern versions of Spearhead,  Muskrat,  Psyche Out,  and Repeater.  I suppose I should have known that the Club would eventually release them in their classic colours and had that been 100% confirmed I may have passed on the set that year.  But since I couldn’t be certain that I’d get another shot at owning those figures I shelled out the $400 for the set.

Joe-Repeater v5 compareI don’t mind that the Club is releasing repaints of the Night Force Joes, in fact I’m glad they are, but I wish they had spaced them out more over the next 2 or 3 FSSs.  After dropping a few hundred on the box set it kinda hurts to drop a couple hundred more so soon afterwards on essentially the same figures.

The FSS figures ship out in an unknown order so its supposed to be a surprise when they arrive in the mail.  The surprise is always ruined in advance for me because I live in Canada so my figures show up a week or 2 after all the American members get theirs.  By the time mine show up the internet is already flooded with pics and reviews.  But here are my 2 cents anyways.  The first pair of figures was 2 of the aforementioned repaints; Psyche Out and Repeater.  Today I’ll be reviewing Repeater.Joe-Repeater v5 back

I never owned the original 1988 Repeater as a kid, my brother Doug did.  Repeater was never a character who got much time in the spotlight of either the cartoons or comics so I have very little attachment to him.  The 2013 Convention set Repeater was my first ever version of the character.  Despite my lack of nostalgic ties to him I loved the 2013 Repeater figure.  He was constructed entirely of a Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson as Roadblock body with a newly sculpted head by Boss Fight Studios.  The body was big and badass and the head was fantastic.  The face had lots of personality and the hat was well detailed.  Best of all the Leno-chin that plagued the ’88 original was gone.  The inclusion of the vest and stedi-cam machine gun, borrowed from other figures, solidified the 2013 Repeater’s status as a must-own figure.

This 2015 version is constructed of the exact same pieces so everything that was great about the Night Force version applies to this one as well.  The only difference in the actual figure is the paint job.  This one features the tan tetris-pattern camo of the 1988 figure.  The darker Night Force colours looked really good on this sculpt but this is the Repeater colour scheme I grew up with so I prefer this version by a slight margin.  I will say that I was kind of surprised they didn’t give him black hair this time around though.  It would have been more accurate to the original but the lighter brown hair looks fine.Joe-Repeater v5 gun

One thing I really like about this figure is that the Club plugged up the holes on his legs.  When this body was originally used for Roadblock it had 2 massive holsters on the legs.  They were removed when it was used for the Night Force Repeater but 2 plug holes were left in their place.  This time around a small holstered pistol and a pouch were used to hide the holes and it looks really good.Joe-Repeater v5 vintage

The other major change is in the accessories.  Gone is the massive stedi-cam gun and bullet belt.  But in their place is a pretty cool silver and black machine gun with a removable ammo pack and bi-pod. He also has a different backpack.  The new one looks really nice but the vest obscures the hole on the figure’s back so I can’t get the pack plugged in.  That kind of sucks but it’s not a big deal.

This is an awesome figure and a great way to start off FSS 3.0 especially if you didn’t already own the Night Force version.  9 out of 10.


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