PSYCHE-OUT v.5 (2015)


In my last post I reviewed Repeater version 5; one of two figures included in the first FSS 3.0 shipment.  Today I’m gonna take a look at the other one, Psyche-Out.

The first Psyche-Out was released in 1987.  I didn’t have him but my brother Doug did.  He was kind of an odd looking figure but we didn’t mind him.  That figure was repainted and rereleased in 1988 as Night Force Psyche-Out.  Neither of us owned that figure and thats partly because we didn’t know it existed.  The Night Force figures were Toys R Us exclusives.  We didn’t have a Toys R Us handy and the figures didn’t appear on the back of the packaging as most figures did so Doug and I were completely “in the dark” when it came to Night Force.  We may have skipped them anyway even if we had known they existed because we weren’t super keen on repaints. Joe-Psyche v5 carded


A very different looking Psyche -Out came out in ’91 but Doug and I had quit collecting the year prior so it wasn’t really on my radar either.

I got back into collecting Joes in 2002 with the launch of the new-sculpt era.  That was the first time I collected Joes on my own and not in partnership with Doug.  That meant I had to buy ALL of the figures myself.  It was expensive but kind of cool because it gave me my first opportunity to own many of the characters that Doug owned when we were kids.  Unfortunately Psyche-Out was overlooked by Hasbro during that era so I never got a version of him to call my own.  When the modern era began in 2007 I had even more opportunities to own some of Doug’s characters but sadly Psyche-Out was overlooked again.

Joe-Psyche v5 back

It wasn’t until the Collector’s Club took matters into their own hands and released Psyche-Out version 4 as part of their 2013  Convention Set that I finally got my very own Psyche-Out.  He was made up of Duke and Zartan parts with a new head sculpted by Boss Fight Studios.  The parts came together pretty well to recreate the basic look of the 1988 Night Force figure though there were a few tweaks such as short sleeves and knee pads.  I liked the figure and was glad to finally have the character in my collection but I was a bit disappointed that it was the Night Force version; a version I have no childhood attachment to.

However, for their third figure subscription service the Club has taken that 2013 figure and repainted it in the original 1987 Psyche-Out colours so I am disappointed no longer.Joe-Psyche v5 compare



This is a pretty great figure.  Everything I liked about the version 4 sculpt remains but the flashy new paint job really makes it pop.  I love seeing his bright green shirt and red earmuffs again.  I’m also very happy to see him blonde again as that’s how I knew the character growing up.  For whatever reason the Night Force versions have darker hair.  Another change brought out by the paint job is he now has full sleeves.  He’s still clearly wearing a short-sleeve shirt but now he has a long-sleeve grey shirt with black dots on beneath it.  This Under-Armour design looks pretty cool and is accurate to the original.

Joe-Psyche v5 gunBesides the paint job the other major change here is in the accessories.  This version still has a somic emitter and removable radar dishes that snap onto his arms but his gun and back pack are completely different.  I prefer this version’s gun because it’s more sci-fi looking which suits the character.  I also like that he can hold it realistically with both hands.  His back pack is a silver repaint of Zartan’s so it opens up which is neat but its not as cool as the solar-panel back pack of version 4.Joe-Psyche v5 red




One cool thing about his accessories is that the Convention Set figure came with red radar dishes (probably in error as the original ’88 Night Force figure had black ones while the ’87 green shirted figured had red ones) but this version comes with black dishes.  That means you can swap out the dishes and have two vintage accurate figures now.  This figure looks even better once you give him the red accessories.  8 out of 10.


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