Kreo-Iceberg fullG. I. JOE: KRE-O

Today I have a quick little review for you.  Why quick?  Because I have very little to say about this figure.  But not because it’s bad; its actually pretty great.

I love these G.I. Joe block figures and have sung their praises many times in past reviews of Tripwire, Tele-Viper, Mutt, and others. However, they all share the same body construction so there isn’t much more I can say about the design.  Where these figures really shine as individuals is in the paint jobs and accessories.

Iceberg has an awesome paint job.  All the sculpted detail of the original 1986 Iceberg figure have been accurately recreated with paint.  He’s got his powder blue vest, furry cuffs on his gloves and boots, the holstered gun on his chest, and even the red patch on his sleeve. I also like the smirk on his face.Kreo-Iceberg-ski

Hasbro is pretty crafty about recreating all the classic Joes’ signature weapons while using pre-existing pieces.  The ’86 Iceberg only came with one large white rifle but  Hasbro still managed to show some of their ingenuity with this figure.  Kre-O Iceberg has the large (ridiculously so) white gun but he also has a pair of skies (previously included with Snow Job), a removable fur collar (which is actually just the Snow Serpent’s vest reversed) and a pair of removable goggles (previously included with multiple figures).   Now Iceberg can wear his goggles up on his helmet (which was the original figure’s only option since they were sculpted as part of his helmet) or down over his eyes where they would actually be useful.

Kreo-Iceberg jump


The other reason this review will be short is because I previously reviewed the 1986 Iceberg as well as the 2011 abomination produced by the Collector’s Club.  In those reviews I exhausted any Iceberg stories I may have had.

So in closing, this is another great Kreon and another great black action figure.  Stay tuned for more Black History Month reviews.  8 out of 10.

Snow Buddies

Snow Buddies

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