AM-van cardedHOT WHEELS

I’ve reviewed over 700 toys for this blog and about 690 of them have been action figures.  The other few have been statues, bobble-heads,  and stuffed animals.   I’ve reviewed a couple of G.I. Joe vehicles but this is my first ever dinky car review.  I’ve never been into cars but I still had a sizeable collection of dinkys when I was a kid.

Sidenote: I’m so out of the loop on these things that I’m not even sure if dinky is a popular term used to describe them.  It sounds silly to me now but that’s what I always called them when I was a kid.   I always assumed that “dinky” was a generic term used to describe all small die-cast metal cars but I could be wrong.

I used to keep my dinkys in a white wicker-like basket that was probably meant to be a garbage can.  Most of my toys were kept in drawers or boxes so I’m not sure why my dinkys ended up in such a strange storage receptacle but it was the perfect size to hold them all so thats where they remained.AM-van closeup

When my brother Doug and I played with out dinkys as kids (see, that sounds wrong) we pretended the cars themselves were characters, kind of like Transformers or KITT from Knight Rider.   I suppose it was most similar to how cars are treated in the Pixar movies of the same name.  I guess we were ahead of our time with that concept.  Our dinkys never did car-related things like race around a track.  Instead they went on adventures and fought rubber dinosaurs and stuff like that.  We pretty much used them the same way we played with our action figures.  I got rid of nearly all of my childhood dinkys long ago but I believe I held onto my 2 or 3 favourites.  Those would be Sunburner, Flashlight and Rookie if memory serves.  (yes, we named them all).  I haven’t gotten a new dinky since I was like 6 years old but I was in Toys R Us the other day and saw this thing and felt compelled to pick it up.

AM-van movie

Anchorman is one of my all-time favourite comedies; it’s one of Vanessa’s too.  I thought this van was hilarious when I spotted it while we were out shopping for Transformers on the weekend (she was actually shopping for a dress…not Transformers).  I pointed it out to her and once we noticed it was the only one left on the pegs she insisted I buy it.

There’s nothing particularly special or interesting about this van which is what makes it so funny.  You’d expect Hot Wheels’ movie-based line to include famous cars like the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard, the A-Team’s Van, or the Batmobile but I guess those have probably all been done to death.  So now it seems Hot Wheels is going obscure and producing a whole bunch of barely memorable TV and movie vehicles.  The car from Simon & Simon?  The Zoolander jeep? Really?AM-van group

I usually open my toys but I don’t dare take this one out of its packaging.  It would immediately lose its recognition factor and look like nothing more than a boring generic van.  It must remain sealed so that it can truly be enjoyed.  It’s a pretty spot on reproduction of the van from the movie which is cool but that’s about all I have to say about it.  It doesn’t appear to have opening doors or any other features of note.   It’s a fun little oddity that will look nice tacked to the wall of my man-cave.  5 out of 10.

AM-Van dolls



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