DAWG-O-TOR (2013)


In my last post I reviewed Ditztroyer from the Masters of the Universe Classics “Fighting Foe Men” 3-pack.  I figured I might as well go ahead and review another figure from that set now that I’ve gotten all the back story out of the way.

This here is Dawg-O-Tor.  He’s named after Owen “O-Dawg” Oertling, a member of the Four Horsemen team.  I’m not exactly sure what role Mr. Oertling plays in the production process but apparently he’s an integral member of the team. I’m sure it’s neat for Owen to have a character named after him but, as with Ditztroyer, it’s a pretty horrible name for an action figure.  However, seeing as other characters in the MOTU line have names like Clawful (because he has a claw and he’s awful) and Man-E-Faces (because he has many faces) I guess we can let the name slide.

MOTUC-Dawg artThis figure  is based on the character seen on the box art of the Talon Fighter model kit.  Ditztroyer could be seen quite clearly on the Roton box art so I imagine it was relatively easy for the Horsemen to design that figure.  In the case of Dawg-O-Tor very few details can be seen in the box art so they would have had to fill in a lot of the blanks.  All that can be seen of the pilot on the original packaging is that he has a green top, black shoulder pads, bare arms, and a helmet with a visor.  It kind of looks like he has long hair but it’s difficult to tell.

The Horsemen managed to take those few details and construct a fully realized character.  The Dawg-O-Tor figure has all of the features I described above and the Horsemen rounded out the character with green pants and standard MOTU fuzzy boots and shorts.  It’s a relatively simply body design but it looks great and blends in well with all the other MOTU figures on my shelf.

MOTUC-Dawg hordeThe head sculpt is quite unique.  It features a very masculine square jaw, a silver helmet with gold wings painted on the sides, translucent yellow goggles through which you can see his eyes,  and long brown hair that flows out the back of the helmet.  There’s a white streak painted in the hair which was apparently done because Owen Oertling has a white streak in his hair.MOTUC-Dawg hair

I’m not exactly sure why but I do not like this head.  I think it’s the goggles that bother me the most..or maybe it’s the hair.  I just don’t like it.  So what I’ve decided to do is display this figure with a completely different head.  I have a whole bunch of extra heads kicking around in my accessory bin.  I tried out a few different ones but ultimately decided to give him one of my extra Palace Guard heads.  The Eternian Palace Guard 2-pack came with 4 heads, a white guy, a black guy, a lizard-man, and a cat-man. I like monsters so I’ve been displaying my guards with the creature faces leaving the 2 human heads as spares.  The caucasian head’s skin tone matches Dawg-O-Tor’s arms quite well so i think it works.  I can now display Dawg-O-Tor as a higher ranking Palace Guard instead of an evil pirate.MOTUC-Dawg guard full

For accessories Dawg-O-Tor comes with a shield and a mace.  The shield is inspired by the Talon Fighter vehicle in both design and color.  I’m not sure how the mace relates back to the vehicle.

Dawg-O-Tor also has 2 swappable chest emblems.  He has a Talon Fighter inspired winged logo and an Evil Horde logo as well. Since I’ll be displaying my figure as a Palace Guard I’ll be sticking with the winged logo.MOTUC-Dawg guard face

Even though I really like this figure after the head swap I must rate it on it’s original form.  Because I dislike the original head so much I’m going to give Dawg-O-Tor a 5 out of 10.




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