I already reviewed 2 of the figures from Mattel’s MOTU Classics “Fighting Foe Men” 3-pack earlier today so I might as well review the last one too.  These days I usually only have enough time/motivation to post 1 or 2 reviews a week so you may be wondering why I’m posting 3 in one day today.  Well it just so happens that I’m on vacation this week but nobody else I know is off work so I’ve had plenty of time to bum around my apartment alone thinking about action figures.

As I told you in my Ditztroyer review, the Fighting Foe Men was the working name for the Masters of the Universe toyline while the brand was still in development way back when. The name was revived in 2013 and assigned to this group of 3 figures which are based on artwork seen on MOTU model kits produced by Monogram in the 80s.MOTUC-Sherri art

This particular figure is based on the artwork seen on the Attak Trak model kit.  She’s been given the name Shield Maiden Sherrilyn.  She’s named after Sherri Lynn Cook, a member of the Four Horsemen Studios team.

As was the case with Dawg-O-Tor, the pilot on the Attak Trak box is mostly obscured by the vehicle’s cockpit. The Four Horsemen really had to use their imaginations to fill in the gaps and turn the barely visible 2D character from the painting into a fully realized 3D action figure; and use their imaginations they did.  Nothing about the painting indicates to me that the Attak Trak pilot is female.  You can’t really tell what sex the pilot is since all you can see is one muscular arm, one muscular leg, and a silver helmet with gold goggles but if I had to guess I would assume it was intended to be a man.  I think it’s pretty cool that the Horsemen thought outside the box and made the third Foe Man into a Foe Woman.

MOTUC-Sherri gun

As they did with the other 2 figures from this set the Horsemen did a great job of matching the parts and paint apps used for this figure to the character seen in the painting.  Both have furry brown shorts, both have shoulder pads with a feather pattern, both have a red breast plate, and both have a silver helmet with gold goggles.  I’d say its a pretty impressive translation.MOTUC-Sherri shield



Sherrilyn’s accessories are based on the vehicle she piloted.  Her chest emblem is a blue bird logo with 2 yellow lightening bolts on the wings.  The logo isn’t immediately recognizable as being related to the Attak Trak but the bird and bolts are inspired by the decals on the vehicle.  Her weapons have a much more direct connection.  Her double barrelled laser cannon looks just like the cannons seen at the back of the Trak and her shield looks like one of the vehicle’s rotating tracks.  It’s as if she ripped the tread right off of her transport and used it to protect herself.  She also has a swappable Horde logo that can be worn in place of the bird emblem.MOTUC-Sherri horde

I appreciate how true to the original design this figure is but as was the case with Dawg-O-Tor I simply do not like the head design.  It’s just too goofy or sci-fi looking and I don’t feel it blends in well with other MOTU figures.  I’m considering displaying this figure with an alternate head.  Unfortunately I only have 3 or 4 alternate female heads and none of the skin tones match up.  I think my extra She-Ra head looks best but the difference in skin tones is very obvious.  If only she had a scarf or something to make the discoloration less noticeable.  Perhaps I’ll ask my mom to make me one;  she did an excellent job on Imperious Leader’s robe.MOTUC-Sherri she-ra


This is a solid figure with a great costume design, nice colors, cool accessories, and ample articulation.  I just wish it had a better head.  6 out of 10.


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