BOMBSTRIKE v.2 (2015)


The third series of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Figure Subscription Service (FSS) is winding down.  My second to last shipment arrived in the mail this past Friday.  That means there’s only one shipment left which will contain Big Ben, Crimson Guard Immortal, and the mystery 13th figure. Ben and the Crimson Guard were two of the best looking figures from series 3 and I can’t wait to find out who the mystery figure is so, needless to say, I’m quite excited for next month’s package.  However, this month’s package was perhaps the one I was most anticipating.

If you read my “Convention News” post from April 2014, where I first reported the announced line-up for FSS 3.0, you may recall that I said the figure I was most excited about was Bombstrike.  Well here it is, a year and a month later, and I finally have that figure in hand.Joe-Bombstrike v2 carded


Back in 2003, during the new-sculpt era, Joe collectors were introduced to the Stall family.  The Joe team’s new marksmanship instructor was Dwight Stall a.k.a Barrel Roll and Cobra’s new sniper was his brother Thomas Stall a.k.a Black Out.  The Stall family drama was mostly played out in our imaginations because there was no Joe cartoon at the time to flesh out the story described in the file cards of the back of the packaging.  Devil’s Due addressed this family conflict when they held the G.I. Joe comics license but I would have liked to have seen it played out further.  Devil’s Due lost the licence and had to quickly wrap up their story before we had a chance to meet the third Stall sibling, the younger sister Alyssa.

Joe-Bombstrike v2 back


Alyssa was first mentioned on Black Out’s 2003 file card.  It read that Black Out flunked out of G.I. Joe training after it was suspected that he was involved in the disappearance of his sister, Cadet Bombshell.  On Barrel Roll version 3’s file card it said that his sister, Bombstrike, had been rescued and that it had been confirmed that Thomas Stall was working with Cobra.  I’m not sure why her name changed from Bombshell to Bombstrike.  Perhaps Hasbro lost the rights to the name Bombshell, perhaps they didn’t want to reuse a name already associated with a popular Transformer, or perhaps they decided naming a female character Bombshell was a tad sexist.  Name aside, she seemed like a character with a lot of potential.

We got our first Bombstrike action figure in 2005, 2 years after the introduction of her brothers.  I loved the original Bombstrike figure.  It wasn’t perfect but I’m a fan of female characters and it had been more than a decade since we got a new female character who wasn’t just a repaint of an older female figure; the 2005 Bombstrike was constructed with 100% brand new parts.  Her shoulder length blonde hair set her apart from all of the other ladies on the Joe roster and her “G.I. Joe” Tee-Shirt gave her a youthful vibe.  I thought the Stalls were one of the best things to come out of the new-sculpt era relaunch of G.I. Joe.Joe-Bombstrike v2 weapons

In 2007 Hasbro retired the new-sculpt style of figures and launched their 25th anniversary line.  The anniversary line was more focused on revisiting the past rather than spotlighting new characters so new-sculpt additions like the Stalls were all but forgotten.

Fortunately the Collector’s Club hasn’t forgotten about the hidden gems of the early 2000s.  In their inaugural FSS they gave us modern-era versions of Barrel Roll and Black Out.  After that I figured Bombstrike was a shoe-in to be included in FSS 2.0 and I was thoroughly disappointed when she didn’t make the cut.  Fortunately the Club rectified that oversight a year later and produced this figure.

Joe-Bombstrike v2 closeup

Unlike her 2005 figure, this Bombstrike is made up almost entirely of reused parts.  Her legs and arms originally belonged to Covergirl and her torso originally belonged to Scarlett. Even her seemingly unique accessories are rehashed.  Her drone originally came with Data Viper and her computer briefcase has been used a number of times, most recently it was included with Vypra who was also part of FSS 3.0.  However, all these pieces work great together to  provide us with an excellent updated version of Alyssa Stall.  The drone and computer make perfect sense for her primary military specialty: Forward Air Control, and the use of the Scarlet torso gives her some protective clothing as opposed to the simple Tee-shirt of the ’05 version.Joe-Bombstrike v2 compare

Bombstrike also includes a small backpack, a pistol, and a machine gun.

The Club probably could have gotten away with reusing Agent Helix’s head, like the did for Dialtone, but thankfully they didn’t.  Instead they had Boss Fight Studios sculpt a brand new head and I think its a great one.  Bombstrike’s hair is layered and it looks quite realistic as far as plastic hair goes.  I actually think she may have the best head of hair of any Joe figure.  Her face is cute and shows her youth plus it has a playful smirk.  It’s a very unique face so even if you removed the hair you wouldn’t mistake her for any of the other female Joes.  I love it.

I really wanted this figure to be a highlight of FSS 3.0 and the Club did not disappoint.  A must-have.  10 out of 10.Joe-Bombstrike v2 group


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