I used to be a big fan of the Ren & Stimpy show.  Up here in Canada it aired on Much Music (our version of MTV) and I believe it debuted when I was in junior high.  I think it aired a year or two earlier in the States even though the creator, John Kricfalusi, is Canadian.  I remember it was considered a racy show at the time, as was the Simpsons which debuted a year or two earlier, which seems pretty silly nowadays.

I thought both Ren and Stimpy were pretty funny but they were actually some of my least favourite characters on the show. I preferred the offbeat side characters like Mr. Horse, Muddy Mudskipper, and Powdered Toast Man.  As evidence of just how much I liked the C-list supporting cast check out one of my earliest toy reviews: the Shaven Yak.

Even though he only showed up a handful of times I absolutely loved Powdered Toast Man.PTM-back

He was a completely ridiculous yet awesome character.  As a fan of super heroes in general it can be fun to see them skewered in such a manner.   PTM’s secret identity was Pastor Toastman, a youth deacon.  He would shed his collar and leap into action wearing only his  speedo whenever the world was in danger or when a child was in need of a balanced breakfast.PTM-face

Powdered Toast Man was the spokesperson for the cereal Powdered Toast and he could make the stuff by scraping his toasty body with a butter knife or winking.  Once everyone’s bowls were brimming with freshly made cereal he would launch himself out the window either by ejecting his double-breaded head from a toaster or just by ripping a huge fart.PTM-deacon

His catchphrase was “Leave everything to me!” but the quote I most remember is “Are you clinging tenaciously to my buttocks?”

This little figurine is about 2.5 inches tall.  It doesn’t move at all and it is permanently attached to its display base.  I bought it at the first Blockbuster Video I worked at in my hometown of Lower Sackville.  I can’t recall what other figures were available, possibly just Ren & Stimpy, because this is the only one I got and that was many years ago.  The bottom of the base tells me this was made by Dakin (never heard of ’em) in 1994.PTM-toon

This is a great little figure and I’ve had on it on display somewhere in my home ever since I first got it.  At present he’s hiding out amongst the DC heroes on my Super Powers shelf.  The sculpt is spot on, the pose is very heroic, and the expression on his face is perfect.  8 out of 10.PTM-shelf



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