GODZILLA (POP!) (2015)

pop-Godzilla fullFUNKO POP!

Almost all of my action figures are displayed in the second bedroom/man-cave of my apartment. There are a few in the living room and Kamala remains a fixture of the main bathroom but I generally try to keep everything together. I do however have a small secondary display area growing on my desk at work. Originally my office display only consisted of a few of odds and ends but I keep adding to it and now my desk collection is more than 40 strong. Luckily my boss is cool and doesn’t say anything about my cubicle slowly morphing into a Toys R Us. About half of my desk figures are vinyl POP! figures from Funko. They’re the kind of cute and harmless toys that I feel are safe to display at work as they are unlikely to offend anyone. In order to review these desk figures I have to cart them home to take pictures which is kind of a pain in the butt so I don’t usually do it. But, as I mentioned in my review of the Phantom yesterday, some of them are contenders for my year-end “best of” list so I decided to lug a few of them home this week for a photo session. Today’s candidate is a brand new toy that I just purchased from Strange Adventures yesterday; POP! Godzilla.Pop-Godzilla back

This is my first jumbo POP! figure. He’s substantially bigger than the standard figures and rightfully so seeing as he’s the King of Monsters. This figure is really impressive looking amongst the smaller POP! vinyls.  I love the Big G so part of me is hoping that Funko makes some of Godzilla’s rivals like Megalon or King Ghidorah. However, an equal part of me prays they don’t as I simply don’t have enough room on my desk (or in my man-cave) to display them. Space is quickly becoming an major issue for Mike’s Collection. If anything I need toys to start getting smaller, not bigger.Pop-Godzilla side





I really like this figure but I actually wish he was more POP!-like.  Funko’s vinyls have a very distinct look and its not obvious at first glance that this Godzilla is one of them.  Not only is he bigger but the proportions are quite different.  Most POPs have really large heads on small bodies.  That might’ve looked a little weird for Godzilla because he generally has a smaller head atop a large body.  This figure falls somewhere in the middle and ends up being reasonably well-proprtioned.  So while it retains the cuteness you’d expect from a POP! figure its actually less stylized than most.  That doesn’t make it a bad figure at all but I just happen to like consistency.


Pop-Godzilla compare


This is the fifth Godzilla figure I’ve reviewed  ( 1, 2, 3, 4) so I don’t have much left to say about the character or my history with him.  I’ll just reiterate that I’ve been a Godzilla fan forever and I’m always happy to add another variation of him to my collection.  I don’t buy every one that comes out but when one as unique as this comes along I have to.

The sculpt on this figure is great with textured scales over the whole body, spiky fins on the back, and a curved tail. The paint job is nice too.  He’s molded in a greyish green with white claws, silver fins, black eyes, and  red gums.  There is absolutely no articulation which is kind of a bummer but these are intended more for display then play so its not a big deal.  If you have any Godzilla fans on your Christmas list this is a must-have stocking stuffer.

Another win from Funko. 10 out of 10Pop-Godzilla group


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  1. Now I want to watch Godzilla. And then I have to choose between watching the Japanese original “Gojira” or the 1954 American release. Thanks Mike!!! I love Godzilla but the only movie I can sit through is the original or the 1985 “Godzilla Returns”. Anyway, I love this POP!.

    • Dude you’re missing out on some quality Godzilla if you’re only watching 2 flicks.

      • What Mike said. Check out “Godzilla Final Wars.” It’s TOHO’s response to America’s “Godzilla” from 1998. Hollywood doesn’t do so well.

        I think everyone’s now waiting for their response to Hollywood’s equally shitty 2014 reboot…

      • Final Wars is pretty great. I actually enjoyed the new American one though (not perfect but it had a few really cool moments). Even the 1998 one became palatable once it was retconned that Zilla was a separate character.

  2. This lizard is less Godzilla, and more Godzuki.

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