KYLO REN (2015) 6″



As I’m sure you know, since you’re visiting a blog about action figures, Star Wars Episode VII came out last Thursday. As much as it pained me to do so I waited until Saturday afternoon to see it.  My little brother Brian was flying home for the holidays from NYC and wasn’t arriving until Friday and we wanted to see it together.  Brian and I, along with my girlfriend Vanessa and my dad, went and saw it in 3D Imax.  We all had different levels of excitement going in but in the end we all enjoyed it.  I had very high expectations and I would say the film lived up to them for the most part.

One area where the film surpassed my expectations was in the casting of the young new stars. I didn’t expect to like them as much as I did.  I’ve being seeing figures of Rey and Finn on the pegs at Walmart for months now and I had no desire to pick them up but after seeing the movie I totally have to buy those two.SWB-Kylo back

Kylo Ren was one of the few TFA figures I had planned to pick up regardless of how the movie turned out.  He’s the new sith character and he looked cool enough to add to my collection even if he ended up being a one-film villain like Darth Maul.  I bought this 6″ Black Series Kylo Ren figure a few weeks ago when I was lucky enough to find one amongst the sea of Finns.  I thought Kylo was neat looking but not as cool as his predecessors.  Since I knew nothing about the character and wasn’t wowed by his appearance he was placed on my shelf and I didn’t give him much thought afterwards.

To my surprise Kylo Ren was my favourite thing about TFA.  He was introduced to us as a total badass and he did some pretty impressive things seemingly without much effort, but he was far from just another cool-looking villain in black.  As the film progressed Ren was given lots of great character developing scenes.  He had a nasty temper as you would expect from someone who has given into the dark side and I loved watching him lash out like a petulant child when things didn’t go his way. It was akin to Anakin’s temperament in Episodes II and III but delivered in a much less wooden and far more entertaining way.SWB-Kylo face

Seeing his outfit on the big screen really won me over also.  When I first got this toy I found the bandaged arms and plain tunic to be rather uninspired but now I really like it.  His outfit feels like it was thrown together with whatever was laying around rather than being a polished piece of equipment like Vader’s.   It’s kinda punk rock.  I had mixed feelings about the mask before too but not anymore.  I doubt it will ever become as iconic as Vader’s but it’s pretty darn cool in its own right. I assume we’ll get a Kylo Ren with a removable helmet at some point but for this initial figure I’m glad they didn’t go that route.  It would have likely made the head appear oversized and this one is perfectly proportioned.

This figure has an interesting mix of cloth and plastic layers.  His lower tunic is plastic with cloth overlays and his torso is clothed with a plastic scarf and then he has a cloth hood.  It actually works really well and looks much better than the all plastic robes seen on the Darth Maul figure.  Cloth hoods rarely work out but I think this one sits perfectly.  It can be pulled back to reveal the full helmet but I’m reluctant to mess with it too much for fear it might loose it’s shape.SWB-Kylo fight

Kylo is well articulated with double jointed knees, rocker ankles, and ball joints throughout.  I thought the robes might hinder his movement but they don’t really.  You may not be able to sit him in a vehicle but you can get him in lots of different poses.

Paint apps are minimal as you would expect on a sith.  Other that some silver on his mask and belt buckle he’s solid black.  However, he features multiple shades of black so the figure is not dull to look at.  The arms and helmet are a matte black, the boots are glossy, and the robes have a shimmery textured look. For accessories he comes with his unique red lightsaber which has a removable translucent blade.

I’m a big fan of this character and this figure does him justice.  10 out of 10.SWB-Kylo pose



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  1. Cool looking toy, as awesome as the character.
    I still recall talking to you on a Sackville bus after phantom menace. It was before I had seen it and I recall you warning that it didn’t meet expectations. Especially the neomoidians calling each other brain dead, heh.This was much better,

    • It’s funny, I just got off the phone with my brother Doug and we were sharing our thoughts on TFA for the first time. I specifically said at least it didn’t start with Nute Gungray calling the other guy brain dead.

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