RODAN (2015)

Rodan fullGODZILLA

My last toy purchase of 2015.

When I went to Strange Adventures on December 31 to grab my weekly stack of comics I intended to take advantage of their 25% off sale and buy myself an action figure. It was a toss-up between two figures I’ve been debating on picking up for a few weeks now: Marvel Legends Blizzard or DST’s Oogie Boogie from A Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX).

Rodan-BlizzardBlizzard is a D-list Marvel villain that I first encountered very early on into my comic collecting hobby and so I’ve always held him in a higher regard than I probably should. His costume design is simple but eye-catching. I blatantly ripped it off in my youth when I created a supervillain character named Icicle. Blizzard is exactly the kind of character I love to get in action figure form. The reason I hadn’t already purchased him was because A) I already have a decent Blizzard figure that was produced by Toy Biz in the 90s, B) I’m trying not to get completely roped into collecting Marvel Legends because I’ve invested so much time and money into collecting the smaller scale Marvel Universe figures, and C) this particular Blizzard figure’s physique is a little wonky.Rodan-Oogie

The Oogie Boogie is a fantastic looking figure with lots of fine sculpted details in his burlap skin.  Ten or Fifteen years ago I would’ve scooped it up immediately.  The thing is, my enthusiasm for NBX has waned significantly in the past decade. To be fair, it’s actually my enthusiasm for Tim Burton that has waned but as a result all of his past projects that I once held dear have been affected by my former favorite director’s fall from grace. I own a lot of NBX toys and collectibles but none of it is on display anymore so I had a hard time justifying spending $35 on a toy that’s likely to immediately end up in storage.  Oogie is one of my favorite characters from the film though and I used to really want a good figure of him and so I consider buying him almost every week.

Rodan backWhen I got to the comic shop I looked the two candidates over. Which would it be? I had them both in hand but decided to browse a bit longer while I made my final decision. It was then that I noticed a toy way up on top of one of the bookshelves, a toy I hadn’t seen there before; Rodan. I don’t know if it had been up there for months and I just never noticed it or if it was brand new but my decision had been made regardless. Blizzard and Oogie stayed behind and Rodan came home with me as my final toy purchase of 2015.

To be completely honest I’m not sure if this Rodan would be classified as a toy because it’s actually a piggy bank. His body is hollow and there’s a coin slot on his spine. However, he’s an awkward shape that I don’t think would hold much money. Plus, I don’t see any obvious way to get coins out of him. His head and body are separate pieces so I’m guessing the head pops off in order to retrieve coins but I’m not sure.   I don’t want to risk breaking it to find out.  However due to the swivelling head, which counts as articulation, I think it’s safe to classify Rodan as an action figure.Rodan movie 1

If you’re not familiar with Rodan he’s one of Godzilla’s buddies. He first appeared in his very own movie in 1956 but has since gone on to be featured in a multitude of Godzilla movies and other Godzilla media. Occasionally he’s an enemy to the King of Monsters but more often than not he’s an ally.

Rodan is a Pteradactyl-like monster with birdish features and a large wing span. Honestly, I always found him to be kind of goofy looking and I never thought he would stand a chance against Godzilla in a fight. Despite the fact that he’s one of my least favourite Toho Studios monsters I have a soft spot for them all and I’m happy to add one of the most recognized and iconic  kaiju to my collection.

Rodan fight

Years ago I acquired big hollow figures of Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, and Gigan produced by Bandai. I was hoping all of the monsters would be released eventually but the line seemed to end after only one wave.  This Rodan is not from the same line (it was produced by DST) but the scale seems to be about right so he fits in just fine with my other figures.

The sculpting and paint work are both pretty simplistic but are exactly as they need to be.  I’m glad DST went with Rodan’s later more dinosaur like appearance over his original big bird design.  This thing will look pretty great hanging from my ceiling.  7 out of 10.


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