On the 15th of every month Mattel releases a new Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Classics figure which is  available only on their website. November 2015’s figure was Dragstor. The release of Dragstor was kind of a big deal to MOTU fans.  Not because he’s so awesome or anything like that but because he was the last character from the vintage toyline that hadn’t yet been released in the Classics format.  Dragstor completes the mission that Mattel and the Four Horsemen set out to accomplish way back in 2008.  Several times over the years there were rumblings that Classics was going to get cancelled and the vintage line-up would never be completed but as 2015 wrapped up that lofty goal was finally realized. But not only did Mattel release updated versions of all 73 vintage figures they also added over 100 other characters to the mix plus vehicles and play sets.  I never imagined when I bought my first Classics figure (Hordak) that my collection would one day grow to the size it is today.MOTUC-Dragstor head

So, Dragstor’s place in history aside, how is the figure?

It’s okay.

The original Dragstor was released in 1986 and neither my brother Doug or I owned him.  King Hiss was the only figure I got that year.  Our interest in the line had waned by then for some reason. Since I never owned the toy and Dragstor never appeared in either the He-Man or She-Ra cartoons I have zero nostalgic attachment to him.

1986 Dragstor

1986 Dragstor


Every vintage MOTU figure had a unique gimmick.  Dragstor’s shtick was that he was half-man/half-car.  All Dragstor had to do to go from man to car was lay face-down.  There was a spinning wheel on his torso and a plastic ripcord that you yanked through his backpack  to send him careening across your kitchen floor.   Many of the MOTU gimmicks were kind of goofy but Dragstor’s seemed especially lame.  He was like a Transformer that didn’t transform.  I never had the chance to play with him as a kid but I don’t imagine my He-Man action figure would have taken this a-hole seriously as he scooted around the carpet on his belly. MOTUC-Dragstor back


As silly as the vintage action feature was I really wish this Classics figure had it too.  I don’t care that the Classics version doesn’t have a ripcord but it sure as hell should have a spinning wheel.  Dragstor is all about the wheel on his chest.  That’s his whole thing.  This Classics figure only has a static sculpted half wheel which is attached to his removable armour.  Every time I look at this figure I want  to spin the wheel and it drives me nuts that I can’t.

MOTUC-Dragstor tire

The look of the character is decent enough but I always found it lacked the wow-factor of other MOTU villains like Trap-Jaw or Mantenna.  Love it or hate it this new Classics figure does a very good job of re-creating the vintage look.  All the key design elements are there like the metal plates on the legs, the red boots, the orange gloves, the engine backpack, the exhaust pipes on the chest, the gas mask, the helmet, and of course the wheel (static as it may be).  I actually quite like the overall look.  Sure he’s not as striking as Mer-Man or Modulok but he has a mysterious x-factor about him since we can’t see his entire face.  His grey skin and orange eyes give the impression that he’s reptilian and monstrous under there.

Dragstor’s accessories are pretty cool. He’s a member of the Evil Horde so he comes with a cross bow like all the other guys do. However, he has a uniquely sculpted crossbow that looks like its made out of car parts which is much more appropriate than the standard bone crossbow that came with the vintage figure.  Also, in place of the old ripcord (which wasn’t really a playable accessory) Dragstor now has a whip with a blade on the end.  Looks pretty brutal.

This is a faithful recreation of the vintage toy and I’m pleased to finally own a Dragstor figure.  I only wish that damn wheel spun.  7 out of 10MOTUC-Dragstor driveMOTUC-Dragstor art



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