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About a month ago I reviewed my new Rodan action figure/piggy bank. In that review I mentioned that I had went to the comic store that day intending to buy a different figure, either Marvel Legends Blizzard or DST’s Oggie Boogie Man, but I rationalized my way out of buying either of them so I could justify spending thirty bucks on the hollow rubber Rodan instead. I had made peace with my decision to leave Blizzard behind. But then yesterday I was writing a review of my recently acquired Marvel Legends Cottonmouth and I happened to mention how much I love collecting D-list Marvel villains. That’s when it donned on me that I really should have bought Blizzard when I had the chance. I popped into Strange Adventures today on my lunch break and fortunately he was still there which is why you’re getting a review of him today.MarvL-Blizzard art

Blizzard is primarily an Iron Man villain. The original guy, named Gregor Shapanka, first appeared in Tales of Suspense issue 45 back in 1963. He was kind of dorky looking and he went by the name Jack Frost back then. That guy was before my time so I have no attachment to him. I think the only story I ever read with him in it was a Spider-Man comic from 1986 where Blizzard was killed by an evil Iron Man from the future.

The second Blizzard, Donnie Gill, was introduced in Iron Man 223 released in 1987. My brother Doug and I were still really new to collecting comics back then and easily enamoured with new characters as we discovered them. We both loved Blizzard version II right away. His blue and white costume was pretty basic but it clearly conveyed the message that he was an “ice” bad guy. Simplicity is underrated. Sometimes the best character designs are the simplest ones. To this day I love the jagged ice design of Blizzard’s costume. As I mentioned in my Rodan review,  I unapologetically ripped off Blizzard’s costume when creating my own ice-powered villain, Icicle.

1st appearance

1st appearance

I don’t recall Blizzard ever doing anything exceptionally memorable in the comics as he was often an ensemble guy who tended to get lost in the crowd. It’s also kind of hard to get excited about a guy who shoots ice from his hands because that’s been done to death (Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, Killer Frost, Ice Man, etc.). Despite his status as an unoriginal relatively harmless hired goon I can’t help but love the guy.

This figure, however, I find disappointing. There’s just something about it that doesn’t look quite right. The overall construction makes for a somewhat gangly figure. Maybe I wouldn’t notice it so much if the costume wasn’t so plain but the lack of patterns and accessories doesn’t allow for any flaws to be hidden.  Many of the joints feel loose and breakable. I also don’t love the paint job. There’s only so much you can do with this guy but I’m not a fan of the metallic light blue Hasbro used. Lastly, I wish the ice pattern on his head came down further on his mask. As is, it kind of looks like a toupee to me.MarvL-Blizzard face

It would’ve been nice if Hasbro had included some ice blast accessories to spice this figure up but unfortunately this figure is bare bones. I should mention that he did come with the torso of the Hulk Buster Iron Man build-a-figure though so it’s not like he came with absolutely nothing.

In some ways I feel the Toy Biz Blizzard figure I have from the 90s is superior to this one but this isn’t a terrible figure. I suppose I just had high expectations for this guy. 6 out of 10.MarvL-Blizzard compare


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  1. I don’t know what the appeal of D-list bad guys is, but I share it with you. He looks great, even if, as you say, he’s just a generic ice bad guy. One of the thousands of foot soldiers you’d beat upon in a SNES Marvel side-scroller.

    My favs always been Vermin from Spiderman. Don’t ask me why, I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue of Spiderman with Vermin in it, but if you ask me to name one of Spidey’s rogue gallery, he’s the first one off my tongue.

    • My introduction to Vermin was in the epic “Kraven’s Last Hunt” so I have a soft spot for him too. I was quite young when I read it and he was eating people in the sewers. Crazy stuff.

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