THUNDRA (2015)

MarvL-Thundra fullMARVEL LEGENDS

A couple of posts back I told you that I purchased a Marvel Legends Blizzard figure on a recent trip to my favorite comic shop, Strange Adventures. I neglected to mention that I also bought a War Machine figure that day. I didn’t mention it because I’m actually somewhat embarrassed by how much money I’ve wasted on Marvel Legends figures over the past couple of weeks. They sell for $24.99 a pop and in the past two weeks I’ve bought Scourge, Task Master, Scarlet Spider, Ghost Rider, Superior Venom, Cottonmouth, Blizzard, and finally War Machine. That’s a lot of dough. I vowed to settle down this week and not go toy shopping.

Well yesterday morning I was working diligently on my files at work when I got a text from Dave, my pal and manager of Strange Adventures. He said that they had just received a shipment of toys but the boxes were all banged up so they’d be selling them at a discount. He recalled that I had purchased Blizzard and War Machine last week, both of whom came packaged with pieces of the wave’s build-a-figure, Hulkbuster Iron-Man. He said that shipment included a bunch of figures from that wave and he was giving me first stab at them so that I could complete my Hulkbuster.MarvL-Thundra art

The shop is practically next door to my work so I popped right over. He had two boxes of Marvel Legends figures that he was selling for $10 each. The figures themselves were in perfect condition, only the boxes were banged up which means nothing to me because I open all my toys anyway. I ended up buying Vision, Black & Gold Iron Man, Valkyrie, and Thundra all of whom came with Hulkbuster pieces. Dave didn’t have a Doctor Strange figure though so I’m still one leg short of a complete Hulkbuster. I also bought Giant Man, Grim Reaper, and Tiger Shark from the build-a-figure Ultron wave. I could’ve bought Wasp, Ant-Man, and Bulldozer to complete Ultron but even I have my limits; seven figures was plenty. So that’s 15 Marvel Legends figures in 14 days. ouch.MarvL-Thundra back

I never actually intended to complete the Hulkbuster figure but now that I’m only one leg away I have to seek out Doctor Strange so I can finish him. The Hulkbuster is a beast of a figure and it’s going to look awesome once fully assembled.  You can see how big it is in the final pic of this post.

For today’s review I’m gonna take a quick look at Thundra. I’ve been a huge Marvel nerd dating back to the mid-80s and I have a fondness for many obscure characters but I gotta tell ya that I have zero connection to Thundra. I know I’ve read a few books with her in them, some Hulk and old Fantastic Four, but she failed to make an impression on me. I sometimes get her confused with Titania, another Amazonian-like redhead that pals around with the Absorbing Man. Honestly I would’ve much preferred a Titania. Besides the fact that Thundra strikes me as a bland character I find her costume pretty boring too.

MarvL-Thundra face


Lackluster character aside, this toy is pretty average and forgettable as well. The face sculpt is okay but she has a weird expression and her eyes seem slightly too far apart. The body seems way too big even for an Amazon, she towers over Captain America and Iron Man. I don’t like how there are a few points where there’s no sculpting to distinguish the costume from her bare skin, like on her waist line and wrist guard.  Lastly, the loose belt seems thrown on as an afterthought. I never would have bought this figure if not for the Hulkbuster part I needed. That’s why the build-a-figures are such a clever ploy by Hasbro.  I would’ve considered adding a Thundra to my 3 3/4″ Marvel collection for $12 but for $25 this figure should be better than this.

Thundra came with one accessory, a chain weapon. It’s nothing special but I guess she always has it with her in the comics so it’s good that Hasbro included it. I don’t know why they didn’t give this same chain to Ghost Rider. Oh well.  6 out of 10.

MarvL-Thundra size

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