Two years ago I backed a Kickstarter campaign launched by Boss Fight Studio (BFS) to help them produce a line of customizable action figures called Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. (Highly Articulated Character Kit System). The campaign was successfully funded (and then some) but that’s when the waiting game began. BFS ran into some troubles along the way but they were always good about keeping their Kickstarter backers informed of their progress. In February BFS told us that the first six figures had arrived at their warehouse in the USA from the factory in China. To compensate for the delays, BFS said they’d ship out those six figures immediately at their own expense rather than wait for the entire orders to be filled. At that point I knew I was mere weeks away from owning my first Vitruvian Hacks figures. I wrote a blog post about their pending arrival proclaiming that reviews would soon follow. It turns out I jumped the gun.BFS-Undead back

I eagerly checked my email inbox every day in hopes of seeing a shipment notification but it never came. Figure reviews were popping up on other sites from people who had already received their figures and mine hadn’t even shipped yet. I was getting a little frustrated.  Finally on March 30 I got an email from BFS. It read as follows:

“We are contacting you because your shipment is going to an international address. At this point we have managed to get a lot of orders shipped and sent out. Our next priority is for backers that live outside of the US. Due to price hikes in international shipping we have decided to give you the following options before we proceed.

-The first option is to pack and ship two packages to you, the first package will consist of the items that we have on hand at this point and the second will consist of the additional items that make up your backer level.
-Option two is to select one additional figure from the following list. We will give you that figure free and ship the entirety of your order in one shipment once we have the remainder of the product on hand.”

BFS-Undead box

So I had a choice to make, have them send me six figures now or wait even longer (months perhaps) and accept a free figure for my trouble. I concluded that I’d already waited two years so what’s a couple more months. I was helping BFS out and I would be repaid for my kindness by way of an extra Underworld Warrior. I was mostly cool with it but it was disappointing none-the-less because I’ve been dying to get my hands on these figures.

However, a dash of good news came shortly afterwards. BFS was scheduled to appear at a Convention somewhere the weekend of April 2-3. At the con they’d be selling an exclusive two-pack of figures that was not included in their Kickstarter campaign. Thankfully, they also made the pair available to non-attendees by offering them for sale on their website for 24 hours. I placed my order and after a 2-week wait finally received a ship notification April 15. And now, 2 weeks later, I finally have my first Vitruvian Hacks in hand. I was praying they didn’t disappoint because I’m expecting another 50 of these things to show up when my Kickstarter order is filled. So, did they live up to the hype?BFS-Undead carded

In a word, yes, but I will admit that opening the teeny box that the two figures arrived in was a little anti-climactic considering that for two years I’ve been anticipating the arrival of a massive crate full of individually carded figures. However, as underwhelming as the size of the box was the packaging was still pretty neat in its own right.

The name of the set is “Eternal Struggle”.  The figures came in a small white box with some cool artwork on the front showing the characters confronting one another in a moonlit swamp. On the back there are lengthy bios for both characters. For this post I’m going to review the Undead Warrior and I’ll save the Ringneck Gorgon for my neck post. The Warrior’s bio provides, in part, the following:

When Hades needs warriors to defend his realm or to serve his goals in the land of the living, he simply plucks a fallen warrior from the river Styx and sends them out to do his bidding. These warriors are single-minded, doing anything to achieve their mission. they are nearly impossible to best in battle. How do you slay something that is already dead?

BFS-Undead helmet

I really appreciate that BFS went to the trouble of crafting back stories for these characters. They could have easily omitted that detail but I really think it adds some life to these characters. If I had read that blurb as a kid my imagination would have started firing on all cylinders as I dreamed up adventures this Undead Warrior of Hades could undertake.

The figure itself is excellent. It’s similar in construction to other 3 ¾” figures like G.I. Joes and Marvel Universe so it’s completely compatible for play or display but it doesn’t suffer from any of the issues that often plague those other brands. The proportions are realistic, the sculpting is excellent with lots of subtle musculature, and the range of movement is fantastic. This figure can kick and sit down and raise his arms and do all kinds of things that many G.I. Joes simply can’t. BFS may very well have perfected the 3 ¾ figure here.BFS-Undead head

Since this figure is basically a ghost he’s sculpted in translucent plastic and he doesn’t feature any paint apps save for his eerie blue eyes. The violet plastic they used for the body looks really nice especially in front of a light source which gives him an otherworldly glow.

For accessories the Undead Warrior comes with a tunic, a helmet, a spear, two swords, and a display base. With the exception of the black base, all of the accessories are molded in translucent gray plastic and they don’t feature any paint apps either. I’m fine with the fact that there are essentially no painted parts on this figure and his gear because it adds to his ghostly appearance and I know there will be plenty of paints apps on the upcoming “living” warrior figures.BFS-Undead pose

The last thing I want to mention before moving onto my review of the Ringneck Gorgon is the quality of the plastic used on this figure and his accessories. It feels like BFS has crafted the perfect formula; not too hard and not too soft. I don’t get the impression that this figure will break easily. It feels study yet flexible and I think it could withstand some serious play time. It’s a real shame that kids will likely never know about these figures. 10 out of 10.BFS-Undead compareBFS-Undead fight


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  1. Hi i noticed one error on all my males right hands with up and down swivel the plastic has a crack in the palm and the up down movement is too tight.

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