BFS-Underworld fullVITRUVIAN H.A.C.K.S.

On Wednesday my “all-in” shipment arrived from Boss Fight Studios. I had contributed to their Kickstarter campaign two years ago so it was a long time coming. For more information on Boss Fight and their Kickstarter check out this post.

My all-in shipment consisted of 45 figures and 7 accessory packs plus a T-Shirt and a lithograph. It was an epic haul to be sure but the box wasn’t as enormous as I was expecting. BFS did an excellent job of packing everything economically and secure. 17 of the figures came on individual blister cards with colorful original artwork like you’d expect to find in a retail store. 7 of them came in small white boxes with black and white artwork, and the rest came in baggies. Each of the accessory packs came in white boxes as well. The unboxing seemed to go on forever as I pulled out each item and laid them on the floor.

The figures basically fall into the following categories: human warriors, gorgon soldiers, skeletons, and blanks. The humans and the gorgons are all awesome. The sculpting, the paint work, the articulation, and the accessories are all spot-on. The skeletons are intricately sculpted but due to a lack of paint they’re less exciting to look at.BFS-Underworld box

The blanks are basic male and female human forms with no paint apps or accessories other than some alternate heads and hands. Customizers will love them but I’m not one to paint action figures myself so I was expecting to write them off as neat but ultimately useless add-ons. However the accessory packs, each of which includes gear for both a male and a female figure, really bring the blanks to life. Once I finally had all the figures open and displayed on my coffee table I was hard-pressed to select which one to review first. I’ll get to them all eventually but one that really speaks to me is the Underworld Warrior. The packing describes them as follows:BFS-Underworld back

The gorgon sisters and their army have waged war on both man and the gods. Even the lord of the underworld, Hades himself must prepare for their onslaught. Needing to produce an army that was capable of winning this hopeless battle, he turns to their stone victims and infuses them with mystical fire to animate a molten army of burning warriors. These warriors were neither alive nor dead but rather some state in between. 

When the Kickstarter was still up and running and I was deciding how much to contribute I considered army building the Underworld Warrior. I absolutely loved the idea behind them and the concept drawing of the at-the-time unproduced figure looked amazing. I envisioned a whole shelf full of them. However, the assortment of available figures continued to grow as more people contributed and I wanted them all. It quickly became apparent that collecting just the unique figures was going to be expensive so any dreams of army building were dashed. However, when BFS contacted me a short time ago and offered an additional free figure of my choice to make up for the delays in production I knew exactly who I wanted.


BFS-Underworld carded

It’s awfully hard to pick a favorite Vitruvian Hacks figure but the Underworld Warrior is a definite contender for me. Once in hand, the figure met all my lofty expectations. Some might say that he’s not as interesting as more elaborate figures like Medusa or Leonidas but I think the simplicity adds to his appeal. When stripped of his gear the Underworld Warrior isn’t much different than the blanks. He’s bald and has no defining sculpted details. All of his uniqueness is achieved with paint applications. His base color is a dark ashy gray and he has orange and yellow lines painted throughout representing the mystical fire. It looks like lava creeping through the cracks of a volcanic rock. I’m really impressed by how cool it looks. That same color palate and design is carried over onto his tunic, helmet, and shield.BFS-Underworld head

For accessories the Underworld Warrior came packaged with the aforementioned tunic, helmet, and shield as well as two swords, a sheath, a spear, spare hands, and a BFS display base. Each weapon is nicely sculpted and fits snugly into his malleable plastic hands.

Since he shares the same build as the Undead Warrior I reviewed previously I don’t have a whole lot more to say about the articulation but I’ll sum it up by saying he has the best articulation of any figure at this scale ever. I highly recommend you visit BFS’s webstore and order yourself some of these bad boys asap. 10 out of 10.BFS-Underworld pairBFS-Underworld faces


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  1. That paint job is nice. I’m just confused by the chestplate. Why would they sculpt muscles, not to mention a belly button, into the armor? Even more confounding is the lack of nipples. Everything else is showing, but now the Gorgon army is Prudish??

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