BFS-AL gorgon fullVITRUVIAN H.A.C.K.S.

Thus far I’ve reviewed 3 of my 46 Vitruvian Hacks figures and I’ve rated all of them 10 out of 10. I expect most of the other figures will garner similar ratings because these things are awesome. However, just to prove that I’m not a completely biased, gushing fanboy I have decided to review my least favorite figure of the bunch, the Afterlife Gorgon.  The packaging describes her as follows:

The battle between the gorgons and mankind was brutal and, in some cases, eternal.  Some mighty warriors on both sides refused to pass on to the underworld and remained trapped in ghostly form. Their sworn oaths keep them locked in an eternal battle until victory is achieved.

This figure was included in a 2-pack titled “Ghosts of the Battlefield” along with an Afterlife Spartan.BFS-AL gorgon back

Both figures glow in the dark. Since they’re supposed to be ghosts it’s a neat gimmick that makes sense for the characters. If I were a kid I’d probably appreciate the glow in the dark feature a lot more. I’d orchestrate situations to make use of it when playing, like building a cave out of pillows or just flicking the lights off to turn day into night. But as an adult collector I have little use for it. I don’t spend much time in my mancave gazing at my toy collection in the dark. Glow in the dark plastic has a very artificial look to it so it doesn’t easily pass for other materials like metal of cloth. I don’t mind it in small doses, like glow in the dark weapons or maybe glow in the dark armor, but this figure is glow in the dark from head to toe and it’s a bit much. It does look cool when glowing but in the light of day it doesn’t make for a very visually appealing figure. Her skin is the color of a used glow stick and her translucent blue armor is dull and muted. Some paint apps on the armor would have really helped to make this figure more interesting but the only apps are few dabs of black for her eyes and mouth and a pair of white fangs.BFS-AL Gorgon glow

In the case of the Afterlife Spartan, the bland glow in the dark plastic is the only problem; otherwise it’s a quality figure. The same cannot be said for the Afterlife Gorgon. This is the only V-Hacks figure I received where quality control is an issue. I don’t know if others will have the same issue with this figure as I do, maybe it’s just mine, but her upper and lower torso don’t lock into place. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the glow in the dark plastic they used, maybe it’s softer or something. The result is limited playability and posability. I have to display her in a rigid upright stance otherwise she crumbles in half.  I have no doubt that Boss Fight Studios would send me a replacement if i asked them to but since it’s my least favorite figure of the bunch I’m not too concerned about it.BFS-AL Gorgon face

Another thing I don’t really like about this figure is the construction. There are both human and gorgon females in the line and they both look great. This figure is the only hybrid of the two. Afterlife Gorgon has a snakey upper half complete with a hissing gorgon face but her lower half is human with legs instead of a tail. The combo is a little bizarre. I think a glow in the dark gorgon with a full tail would’ve been much cooler and I’m curious as to why Boss Fight Studio didn’t go that route. This figure is the odd man out when displayed with the gorgon horde so I’m not sure where to put her in my V-Hacks display.

The last thing that bothers me about this figure is her outfit. She has the same belt piece as the eldest gorgon sister, Stheno, which has a full skirt in the back but nothing in the front. It looks fine on Stheno because she has shorts painted onto the figure. This figure doesn’t have painted shorts so it looks like she’s Donald Ducking it which is kinda disturbing. A ghost snake woman should have the decency to cover up her lady parts when locked in eternal battle.

BFS-AL gorgon helmet


For accessories Afterlife Gorgon comes with the skirt belt, chest armor, shin guards, wrist guards, a sword, a spear, and a shield. It’s a good selection though I don’t love the translucent blue plastic the weapons were cast in.  They’re more vibrant than the armor pieces but they remind me of the Day-Glo G.I. Joe weapons of the 90s and they add to the overall synthetic look of this figure.

Multiple issues drag this figure down but it is an anomaly of the toyline. I would say all the other V-Hacks figures are a 9 or a 10 but I’m afraid I must give Afterlife Gorgon a lousy 5 out of 10.BFS-AL Gorgon fight


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