Joe-Interrogator v5 fullG. I. JOE: FIGURE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE 4.0

The first Interrogator figure was released in 1991. I had essentially stopped paying attention to G.I. Joe by then. I only bought one figure the year before (Rampart: my last childhood Joe) because my interests were shifting to other things.  My little brother Brian had just started collecting Joes though so I still had a general idea of what was going on with the brand; such as the introduction of the Eco-Warrior and Sonic Fighter sub-teams. One ’91 character that managed to fly under my radar (or perhaps over it) was Interrogator.  He came included with the Cobra Battle Copter and because vehicle drivers weren’t featured on the card backs I wasn’t aware of him. Before the internet card backs and department store catalogues were essentially the only way you knew what figures were released in a given year. A second version of Interrogator with a new paint job was made available as an exclusive mail-away figure in ’93 but I wasn’t aware of that one either.  I didn’t discover the character until 2006 with the release of his third figure.

Interrogator v.3 was featured in a 6-pack called Viper Lockdown that also contained Joe Colton, G.I. Jane and 3 Vipers. That pack was a “must-have” for me back in the day. The first Joe and Jane figures, a “name” Cobra character, plus 3 awesome army builders made it a no-brainer.  Interrogator quickly became a favourite of mine. I loved his Cobra Commander-esque helmet and formal dress uniform jacket. Plus the colour palette was very striking. His file card described him as follows:Joe-Interrogator v5 carded

He can usually break prisoners by simply talking to them. With a soothing voice that lulls captors into a trance, the careful application of logic and reason, and just a hint of sympathy, he soon as the information he needs. “Of course I could simply hurt them until they talk. But it’s so much more amusing to twist their minds until all they want to do is tell me every single secret they know.”

Sounds pretty badass. Interrogator was calculating and patient which made him a good counterpart to the impulsive Commander. That 2006 figure remains one of my favourites from the new-sculpt era.

A 4th O-ring version was released in 2010 as part of that year’s Con set. Version 4 had a removable helmet for the first time plus he looked more prepared for the battle field in a tactical vest instead of a dress jacket. I never got that version partly because of the price but mostly because I was fully invested in the modern-style of figures by then and a set of O-ring figures seemed immediately dated. Well thanks to the Collector’s Club I now have a modern-era Interrogator to add to my collection.

Joe-Interrogator v5 face

I’ve read some lukewarm reviews of this figure on other sites but I’m really digging it. It’s not 100% faithful to any past incarnations of the character but the design and colour palette are all familiar enough so that there’s no mistaking this figure for anyone else. His body is made up of Cobra Commander and Destro parts. Some have said that the legs are too long for the torso and they might be right but as long as he’s wearing his removable flak vest I don’t notice any proportion issues. I like the combination of the jacket with the vest. It’s like version 3 and 4 merged together. The removable knife and sheath on his shoulder is kind of oddly placed but it doesn’t look bad. There are some nice sculpting elements throughout such as the weird  metal pieces attached to his boots.  They look cool but I don’t know what purpose they serve. On Arctic Destro I assume they were there to help him walk in the snow but Interrogator has no need for snow grips. I imagine he uses them as some weird torture device, maybe poison tipped boots or hydaulics that allow him to crush bones.Joe-Interrogator v5 back

His head is the face first used on Flash (2009) from the Rise of Cobra line. It’s a fairly generic masked head and it’s covered by the removable helmet from Interrogator v.4. I had planned to take a pic of him with his helmet off but it’s on there so tight I didn’t bother. I do like the fact that the helmet is removable though and I think the 2010 helmet holds up quite well. It’s a bit plain but closer to the character’s original appearance than the more elaborate 2006 version was.

For accessories Interrogator comes with a small knife and sheath, a display base, a blue pistol, blue handcuffs, blue nunchucks and a larger knife with a red cobra-shaped hilt. The blue accessories aren’t very realistic but it’s a pretty shade of blue that matches his equally sharp pants and I like them.  The promotional pics of this figure didn’t really excite me but in hand I think its great.  9 out of 10Joe-Interrogator v5 compare



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  1. Are those supposed to be nun-chucks? Everytime I scroll down and see him I immediately think he’s a bike thief with bolt cutters.

    On the boots, for me they read less snow boot-y and more platforms; a la Gene Simmons’ demon boots.

    • I definitely see the bolt cutters but I believe they are nunchucks.

      I can’t fathom any functional use for the boot attachments so I suppose they can be whatever you want them to be. Maybe it is Gene under the helmet.

  2. They’re electro-stun batons. Prison Guards use them as do the Security Services worldwide.

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