MALLEUS (2016)

Myth-Mallus full MYTHIC LEGIONS

My reviews have been few and far between these days. There are various reasons for that but a lack of cool action figures is not one of them. I still have a boat load of Vitruvian Hacks figures to review, new Marvel Legends, new Star Wars Black Series, new Transformers, and new Pop! vinyls; not to mention the thousands of older toys in my collection I’ve yet to review. However, what brings me to the blog today is a brand new line of action figures from Four Horsemen Studios.

Myth-Malleus head

The Horsemen are a group of sculptors who started out making action figures for companies like McFarlane Toys and Mattel but who later branched out on their own. Through their own company the’ve produced some excellent licensed properties like the Outer Space Men and wholly original lines like Gothitropolis.  Their newest line is the fantasy-based Mythic Legions.

The Horsemen launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the project on February 9, 2015. They were offering 22 different figures at a price of $45 each. As the funding increased they added new figures and accessories until they ended up with an assortment of 34 different characters. I would’ve loved to get them all, or at least a dozen or so, but money doesn’t grow on trees. I’d went all-in on 3 prior action figure kickstarter campaigns (Marauder Task Force, Vitruvian Hacks, and Marauder Valkyries) and my wallet was starting to feel the crunch.  I selected 4 figures and called it a day. Overall, 1,166 backers pledged $452,528 to make the campaign a huge success.Myth-Malleus all-in

I’ve become accustomed to long delays on kickstarter produced figures. So much so that when my Mythic Legion figures arrived last week (only 3 months behind schedule) it seemed like a very quick turn around.

I expected no less from the Four Horsemen but all four of my Mythic Legion selections are spectacular. Now I’m kicking myself for not buying at least a couple more. I chose 3 skeleton warriors and a yellow demon dude for some variety.  Some of the orcs and knights would’ve been cool but I’m mostly regretting not buying the other 3 skeletons.  A whole army of these undead warriors would’ve be sweet.

Myth-Malleus back

All the Legions figures come on resealable blister cards with original artwork on both sides and a brief history of the ML world on the back. On the side of the packaging is a character specific bio. Malleus is described as underworld royalty, the son of Necronominus. He’s a devout follower of his father’s scripture and he quickly dispatches those you stray from the path. Pretty cool.

The figure is a real beauty in both sculpting and paint applications. He’s covered in jagged armor that truly looks like weathered metal. Every single rivet has been painted; the Horsemen didn’t cut any corners. Many pieces of his armor such as the removable shoulder pads, neck guard, and loin cloth are sculpted in rubbery plastic so they don’t hinder his movement. The two shades of green mixed in amongst the blacks and greys really make this figure pop. The paint work on his bones is pretty great too making him appear grubby and aged.

Proud Papa

Proud Papa

The head sculpt is beyond cool. Of the three skeletons Malleus is the only one with an articulated jaw which I love. He’s cracked and missing teeth and with his mouth open he looks nuts. I totally buy into him being a religious zealot.

Then there’s the weapons. Malleus comes with two insane looking battle axes. These things are pure badassery. They have multiple paint apps and are completely customizable. You can make them double or single bladed and you can change the fixtures at both ends.  I think he came with a sword or two as well but I’ve already decided he’ll be displayed with the two double bladed axes.

Myth-Malleus boot


Malleus has loads of articulation and he’s a good solid figure. He has the coolest boots I’ve ever seen and I love him. A few of these Mythic Legions figures are currently available at BigBadToyStore. I’d highly recommend you grab as many as you can. 10 out of 10.Myth-Malleus armyMyth-Malleus Skeletor




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