BLACK VULTURE v.2 (2016)

Joe-Black vulture v2 fullG. I. JOE

Today I’m going to take a look at another figure from the G.I. Joe Collector Club’s 2016 Convention Set. The theme this year was Sky Patrol which pitted the Joe team’s air-based heroes against Cobra’s evil aerial troopers. The figure I’ve selected today is the commander of the Cobra Night Vultures, the villainous computer hacker known as Black Vulture.

Joe-Black vulture v2 face

The Sky Patrol sub-team was introduced into the Joe toy line in the early 1990s so most of this year’s Convention figures would be immediately recognizable to Joe fans of that era. However, even if you were an avid Joe collector in the 90s (I wasn’t) you probably don’t remember this guy. That’s because the original figure was only ever released in Brazil.  He was called Abutre Negro which apparently translates into Black Buzzer. He was constructed using the head and legs of Dee-Jay, the chest and arms of Cesspool, and the waist of Marverick. Then he was painted black, red, and silver, and voila….a brand new character. He came packaged with a couple of guns, a backpack and a silver parachute. It was a pretty neat looking figure so it’s a shame that American (and Canadian) kids never had the opportunity to purchase him.  I never even knew of his existence until I began collecting Joes again as an adult as I’m sure was the case for many other Joe fans. Before the internet how were we supposed to know that there were rare international figures being released?Joe-Black Vulture v2 v1

Most Joe fans will never own a Abutre Negro, because he sells for about $1,000 on ebay these days, which is why I love it when the Club produces modern-era versions of foreign release figures. Over the past few years the Club has graced us with updates of highly sought after international figures such as Cobra De Aco, Cobra Mortal, Quarrel, T.N.T, Jammer, and more.

Joe-Black Vulture v2 back

I imagine tackling an Abutre Negro update was probably a little more difficult for the Club to pull off than their past international remakes. The reason for that is Hasbro has not yet produced (and likely won’t) modern-era versions of any of the three characters used to build the original. The Club produced their own version of Cesspool in 2014 but it was lacking the uniquely sculpted torso with the protruding Cobra logo that the 1991 Cesspool shared with Abutre Negro. Despite the lack of needed parts I think the Club has managed to pull off a pretty darn good modern-era version of this Brazilian scoundrel.

This figure, whose name has been updated to Black Vulture, was built using the Accelerator Suit torso seen on multiple movie-based figures in 2009, Beachhead v.15 legs, arms I can’t place, and the head of 2011’s Cobra Trooper v.16 based on the G.I. Joe Renegades animated series. The parts all come together nicely to make a cool looking, well-proportioned, action figure that is faithful enough to the original.  I really like the head they chose to reuse here.  It shares a lot of similarities with the Dee-Jay head sculpt and could probably even be used to update him one day.  Even though this head originally appeared on a Cobra Trooper it appears unique in my collection because I chose to display the trooper with an alternate masked head. When the first photos of this figure were shown online there was some chatter about the neck being too long but it seems alright to me. I’m very impressed by how the Club was able to recreate the look of the protruding Cobra logo using the existing Accelerator Suit sculpting with some creative paintwork. Due to some clever choices by the Club I think this figure turned out great.Joe-Black Vulture v2 wings

The downside to this figure comes by way of his accessories. He’s got a display stand, a gun, and a knife, all of which are fine. His major accessory is a winged glider backpack with push-button pop-out wings. We’ve seen this pack before, I think the first time may have been with 2011’s Skydive v.2, and it makes a lot of sense to bring back here.  It’s a cool pack and I prefer it to the cloth glider pack that came with Air Devil. The problem is that it doesn’t fit into the figure’s back. The glider’s peg is not compatible with the hole in the Accelerator Suit torso. I can get it to rest on his back for photos but if I even look at him funny it falls out. Other than that tooling issue I’m very happy with this figure. I always love adding  “name” soldiers to my growing Cobra forces.  8 out of 10.Joe-Black Vulture v2 compareJoe-Black Vulture v2 fly


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  1. The YoJoe name of Black Buzzer is incorrect. The figure’s name was always Abutre Negro with translates to Black Buzzard or Black Vulture. So, the name they gave was consistent with the character. And, you can get them loose for about $100 instead of $1000. While some people try to get a grand for a MOC figure, they usually sell in the $350 range.

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