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Recently I’ve reviewed two of the Cobra characters from the 2016 G.I. Joe Convention Set. Today, I’ll be taking my first look at a Joe from the set.

The first Airborne figure was released in 1983. The file card found on the back of his packaging provided that the Joe team’s helicopter assault trooper was a Navaho and his real name was Franklin Talltree. Most Joe fans probably falsely remember Spirit as the Joe team’s first Native American member (since he was rife with stereotypical imagery and was featured prominently in the animated series) but Airborne pre-dated him by a year.  As you might expect, Airborne v.1 had black hair and a dark complexion.  Which is why it seemed so odd that Airborne v.2, released in 1990, was a light skinned blonde guy. I’m not sure why Hasbro reused the code name but the v.2 file card reveals that blondie was in fact a different guy. His real name was Robert Six, a parachute assembler/battlefield medic and a member of the Joe sub-team, Sky Patrol.  The code name was rightfully returned to Franklin Talltree for Airborne v.3, released in 2003, and he’s held onto it ever since.

I never owned the 1990 Airborne so I have no history with that character. In fact I have no history or particular fondness for any of the Sky Patrol characters, but I kept an open mind when the Collector’s Club announced the aerial sub-team would be the theme of their 2016 15-figure convention set.  I felt that many of the characters had potential however Robert Six was probably the member of the team that I was least looking forward to getting in the modern-era style . The only reason being, I disliked that he hijacked the code name of a beloved veteran Joe from my youth. While it was actually my brother Doug that owned the original ’83 Airborne toy when we were kids I always thought he was a great action figure and character.Joe-Airborne Six v2 back

As it turns out, my distaste for Robert Six has been quelled. I still don’t like that he borrowed his code name from another Joe but Robert “Airborne” Six version 2 turned out to be a pretty great figure.

Joe-Airborne Six v2 v1The 1990 Robert Six featured a brand new head on a repainted 1986 Lift-Ticket body.  The Club could’ve done the same thing here, sculpted a new head and placed it on the existing modern-era Lift-Ticket body but they didn’t. Instead they cobbled together Lift-Ticket v.2’s arms and Firefly v.25’s torso with the legs of 2011’s Cobra Shock Trooper. I’m glad they did as this figure looks way better than it would have had they just repainted Lift-Ticket from the neck down. The parts look contemporary, they fit together nicely, and they’re well proportioned. The only issue would be a pencil thin neck but thankfully it’s mostly hidden by the raised collar.

Joe-Airborne Six v2 face

The Club splurged for a new head sculpt which is always nice.  It’s a nice looking head with an attached helmet and goggles.  It’s a bit of a shame that that the helmet isn’t removable but had they went that route the helmet probably would’ve ended up looking too big.  There’s speculation that this head will be used for the recently announced FSS 5.0 Scoop figure but I could also see it being used for a modern-era Lightfoot (fingers crossed).Joe-Airborne Six v2 top





The paint job on this figure is true to the original but better. I love the digital camo pattern on the pants and sleeves. Airborne came with a metallic silver display stand, a medic satchel, a parachute-style backpack, a knife, and a machine gun. All good stuff. Airborne is probably my favorite Joe in the set but Static Line (who I’ll review next) offers some stiff competition. 8 out of 10.

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