1. Lion (Raioga)
  2. Deer (Big Serow)
  3. Hamster (Geedam)
  4. Shark / Clear Variant (Killer Shark)
  5. Coelacanth (Sealence)
  6. Piranha (Pirazon)
  7. Elephant (Eledram)
  8. Giraffe / Clear Variant (Long Giraf)
  9. Swordfish (Billsword)
  10. Dolphin(Dorfan)
  11. Finch / Clear Variant (Bamet)
  12. Bat (Moreek)


  1. Eagle
  2. Falcon (Facan)
  3. Pigeon (Bundot)
  4. Gorilla / Clear Variant (Garrison G)
  5. Alligator / Clear Variant (Aldyle)
  6. Rhinoceros / Clear Variant (Rynas)
  7. Turtle / Clear Variant (Tarlock)


  1. Wolf
  2. Panther
  3. Whale
  4. Killer Whale / Clear Variant
  5. Owl
  6. Parrot
  7. Tiger
  8. Panda
  9. Cat
  10. Rabbit
  11. Kangaroo
  12. Puma
  13. Bull
  14. Walrus


  1. Armadillo / Clear Variant
  2. Manta Ray
  3. Frog
  4. Sugar Glider / Clear Variant
  5. Duck
  6. Dog
  1. I just found this toyline and I love it, but it’s too late for complete them, there are out of stock but I’m always checking Ebay for find them. Really like your blog.

  2. Which items are you missing? I’m down a few pieces as well, but I got a few of the cases at launch.

    • Hey. Sorry for the late reply; I hardly ever check this blog anymore. I’ve moved onto reviewing toys on YouTube (Mike Hyland) and posting figures on Instagram (mikescollectionhalifax). Check me out over there!
      As for missing figures, I’m just missing a few of the clear ones; I’m not even sure which ones anymore. I love these figures but the variants haven’t been a priority for me.

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