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KreonsI hope you guys have been checking out Big Bad Toy on a regular basis.   They constantly getting in great new products that I find myself placing a few orders every month.  They have all of the G.I. Joe KRE-O sets in now so if you enjoyed my Checkpoint Alpha review, swing by the site and order yourself some.  They’re selling blind figure packs as well.  Check out these adorable Transformer Kreons.

They’ve got the first few waves of G.I. Joe : Retaliation figures (mine arrived yesterday) and they’ve currently taking pre-orders on awesome new versions of Transformer Triple Changers Blitzwing and Springer (already placed mine).

They’re also taking pre-orders on the first wave of Pacific Rim figures based on the upcoming Godzilla-esque monsters vs robots flick.  I’m undecided whether I’ll buy these robots (called Jaegers) but sign me up for the eventual monster figures.Pacific Rim


Hey Guys, do you  have $400 burning a hole in your pocket?  Then you’re in luck, the 2013 Joe Club Convention box set is available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store.  This set contains a number of fan favorite characters appearing in the modern G.I. Joe figure style for the first time. SPEARHEAD! MUSKRAT!  PSYCHE-OUT! and REPEATER! plus new and improved versions of HIT & RUN and CHARBROIL!

On the Cobra side of things you get 3 SAW VIPERS, 3 FRAG VIPERS, new character CRIMSON ASP, plus updates of highly sought after foreign release figures COBRA MORTAL and COBRA LETAL!

Click the banner on the right of the screen and get shopping.



Topspin TwintwistToday is “mike’s collection’s” 1 year anniversary.  I started this blog on December 18 2011.  Miraculously I achieved my initial goal of reviewing 365 toys in my first year of blogging.  A feat which I promise you I will not even attempt to do this year.  My last post read like an Oscar acceptance speech with me thanking my readers, fellow bloggers, my girlfriend, and even my mom.  A little overly dramatic?  Perhaps.  But I’m at least a few years away from winning my Oscar so please indulge me.  Anyway, I omitted someone from my thank yous yesterday and I wanted to rectify that today.  A few months into this blog I approached BigBadToyStore to see if they’d be interesting in advertising on my site.  The blogs that I modeled mine after were both sponsored by BigBad so I figured why not ask?  To my surprise Nick and Joel over there accepted my proposal and offered me a sponsorship arrangement.  I’ve been proudly displaying their banner on the right of my screen ever since.  I wouldn’t ever want to be one of those sites full of banners and flashing adds but having one add made my site feel more legitimate and allowed me to say that I was a paid blogger which is pretty neat.  So a big bad thank you to Big Bad Toy Store. Be sure to click the banner and check out the site, new stuff is added almost daily.  For example:Atom Eve

This is the most recent thing I pre-ordered from Big Bad.  You can find them on the site listed as Apex and Geminus.  But every Transformer fan would recognize these guys as Top Spin and Twin Twist, the Jumpstarters. The 80s originals sprang from vehicle to robot mode all on their own after a running start provided by their rev up play feature.  These versions are made by a third party company called Mech Ideas and are not officially licensed by Hasbro but I think they look much better than the upcoming Hasbro releases of these characters, check them out.

And how about this statue of Atom Eve from the Image comic Invincible.  I’m not usually a statue guy but considering there are no Invincible figures available and how reasonably priced this statue is I may pick one up.


BIG BAD TOY STORE has some great Black Friday sales on.  Be sure to check them out, if not for yourself then for someone else on your Christmas list.  The sales end on Monday the 26th so hurry there now!  Click the ad on the right hand side of this page.

Might I recommend this, A Cybertronian JAZZ for only $7.50








Or this, the marauders boxed set marked down to $35.00:









Or this, Beta Ray Bill, only 6.99:


Hey gang, It’s time for me to fill you in on what’s new at Big Bad Toy Store, my gracious sponsor.  They get new stuff in every couple of days so there’s no way I can keep you up to date on everything therefore I recommend you check their site regularly.  The first thing I’d like to tell you about is there Fall sale.  They’ve got toys discounted from 20% off up to 90% off so check it out.

I’ve overspent my toy budget for this month but once I’m back on track I can tell you what my next purchases from Big Bad will be:  Transformers.  They’ve got a ton of  wicked cool modern figures of Generation 1 characters available in their store now or up for pre-order.  Ultra Magnus, Sideswipe, Swindle and possibly the rest of the Combaticons are who I have my eye on.


Hey gang,

I really should be throwing more updates your way as to what’s new at  but I get so many notifications from them about all of the cool new stuff that they get in stock that I just can’t keep up with it.  Needless to say you should be checking the site regularly.  For this update I’ll just give you a heads up about what most interests me.  Currently you can go to the site and pre-order TWO new varieties of Battle Beasts.

First off there’s the new Battle Beasts figures from Diamond Select Toys which are based on the new comic series by IDW.  I’ve read the first 2 issues and it’s been a fun read so far, you should check it out.  These figures are constructed using DST’s popular mini-mates body design.  I’m personally not a mini-mates fan and I don’t know if I’m sold on using their blocky lego-like bodies as the base for new BB figures.  However this pic proves to me that DST is able to get alot of diversity from that base design.  The human characters look like your standard mini-mates but the beast characters look pretty great.  How cool is that snake guy!?

The second type of new Battle Beasts available for pre-order technically aren’t Battle Beasts, they’re from a new line of Japanese figures called Beast Saga.  The figures are much more reminiscent of the Battle Beasts of old except with dice in their chests instead of heat sensitive rub emblems.   There are a bunch of different figures up for pre-order now that will be released in the coming months.  This military general turtle is one of the cooler looking ones.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these guys.




Hey gang,

I really should be posting these sponsorship updates more often.  I’ll try for one a month at least just to remind you to check out  (just click the ad in the margin) I get email from them constantly letting me know about all of the cool new stuff they’re always getting in.  In my email from them today 2 figures stood out to me as worth mentioning.  There’s this Earthworm Jim figure which is pretty awesome, and there’s this Baby Doll figure from the shitty movie Sucker Punch, which I also find appealing.  Check them out on the Big Bad site along with a ton of other wicked stuff.



Hey Gang,

My site sponsor BIGBADTOYSTORE sends me weekly emails keeping me informed on what they have new in stock, what new pre-orders they have available and what promotions they have running and I figured I should start sharing them with you.  Go buy yourself a toy.

Reduced Price on Sunstorm pre-order:

More cool new preorders as well as more new arrivals.